We are a diy community project dedicated to all things Notts, Musical and New. We try our best to help musicians in Nottingham, and to do so in as fair a way as possible. All the ways we can help you are laid out in our FAQs, all the ‘musician helping’ resources we have accumulated are shared amongst our Academy pages.

Our dream is to see as many local musicians as possible realise their dream of making a living doing what they love. Focused mainly (but not exclusively) on Nottinghamshire’s younger musicians everything we do, create and support is in tune with these Four Commandments:

1) Thou Shalt Only Play New Music

2) Thou Shalt Only Play New Music Born in the Great County of Nottinghamshire

3) Thou Shalt Honour and Play All Forms and Genres of New Music

4) Thou Shalt Always Spread The Love (Check our Spread The Love Editorials HERE)

We also offer life changing work experience opportunities for those dreaming of working in media and/ or music. We realise that sounds a bit big headed but if you check out the testimonials from previous interns HERE you’ll see it’s true.


In October 2012 we realised our dream of seeing a Nottingham artist get to Number One, you can hear Billy Bragg acknowledge our role (when we were called Notts Unsigned) in helping Jake Bugg HERE. Which freed us to talk about the bigger dream…

Since Jakes success we’ve been talking more about the Nottingham Music Scene (yes we know the word scene makes some of you wanna vom) becoming the best place in the UK to pursue a musical career, like we imagine Manchester was in the late 80s/ early 90s. A place where local musicians feel supported, a place acknowledged nationally & internationally, and indeed a place that musicians from elsewhere move to so highly regarded is the scene. A place where as many musicians as possible realise their personal dream of being able to make a living doing what they love, be that selling out Arenas or something a lot more intimate. By constantly showcasing musicians from all genres of the Nottingham Music Scene, by continuing to ‘Lobby, Evangelise, Broadcast, (offer) Opportunities and Support’ (see below), we hope to aid their dreams becoming a reality, we’ve already seen the initial dream of a Notts artist getting to Number One realised. Thank you to all our supporters for their help in making this happen, you can read more about them HERE.

STOP PRESS MAY 2014 – Renowned music journalist David Nolan has gone on record with the BBC’s Geeta Pendse as saying that Nottingham is now at a level similar to Manchester in the late 80s/ early 90s, check him saying those incredible words HERE.


We’ve been going since 2007/2008 depending on how you define our start, it’s hard to define, a bit like a relationship – was the start your first date, snog or when you finally put it on facebook? Leftlion’s Poddingham is the only other ‘Notts Music Only’ media entity we’re aware of that has been going for a similar length of time.

We evolved out of Notts Unsigned when it passed on with the death of Trent FM. Notts Unsigned itself evolved out of the Trent Fm New Music Podcast which itself evolved out the ‘We Want To See A Nottingham Artist At Number One’ campaign and ‘Nusic’ student radio show on URN1350, so things have kinda come full circle!


Our primary focus is young, up and coming musicians from Notts who have had no or very little previous media exposure. We also try and help where possible musicians who have been doing it a while but haven’t necessarily yet got the support they deserve. A key question for us is always, ‘can we make a difference?’. With Nottingham musicians our clear focus, we also like to try and help where we can, any young Nottinghamite with aspirations in the creative industries.

WHAT WE ACTUALLY DO (to help make that dream happen):

LOBBY – organisations across Notts to be more supportive of the local music scene e.g. we got Trent FM to support local music (before it died). On tangible fronts such as artists put forward for Introducing stages and plays on daytime the support of BBC Radio Nottingham has increased dramatically. Splendour now every year have a quota of Nottingham musicians who have never played before, every year we suggest a list of ‘Splendour Virgins’ to the organisers and lobby to secure a main stage slot for a local artist via our Future Sound of Nottingham event.

EVANGELISE – we shout loudly, proudly and positively from the rooftops to anyone that will listen about the Nottingham music scene, this ranges from going into schools to evangelising/ lobbying local, regional and now national media to cover our scene. For example we realised Zane Lowe had a dj gig the same date as Jake Bugg played his Rock City homecoming and put forward the idea of doing a doc around the day, the idea happened and was broadcast on Radio One – a whole hour of national radio talking about Nottingham. Print wise entities as esteemed as the NME have been taking notice of our evangelising, see here. We’ve even evangelised abroad, for example check out this doc on German national radio here.

BROADCAST – we broadcast New Music programming of our very own, in alignment with the Four Commandments. We receive around 2000 listens an episode to our podcast including a signficiant industry listenership. Most of our Future Sessions get at least 1000 views, eventually!

OPPORTUNITIES – we create and offer unique opportunities for musicians in front of the mic and for aspirational music/ media types behind it. For musicians we try to create and/or harness unique opportunities for them. For those dreaming of working in the media and music industries we provide life changing volunteering opportunities, see the quotes on our volunteer page to realise we ain’t bragging when we say that.

SUPPORT – we take direct action to support local musicians. This ranges from our Nusic Academy events offering advice on specific musical issues, to doing School Tours, to creating awareness of significant opportunities, to lobbying to create such opportunities. Giving local musicians the chance to play Rock City main stage AND Splendour’s main stage in this year’s Future Sound of Nottingham comp is a great example of the later. We lobbied Splendour hard to give that main stage slot to a local artist.

Thank you to the growing range of organisations that have started supporting us in supporting you, you can read about them here.


We have no official legal status, in spirit we’re a charity but we don’t have the five grand you have to have to become an official charity. Some academicy types call us a ‘social enterprise’.