“I remember when we were fucking”.

When those words open an album, you know it’s gonna be good.

But you’re probably not gonna play it to your gran though.

ADY SULEIMAN’s debut album is finally here, helpfully called ‘Memories’, so you can remember all the times you thought ‘when is that album coming out’?


Good job Ady smashed it out of Wollaton Park then init?

The twelve track beauty is a treat for those tabs of yours in the best way possible. Diverse. Soulful. Soothing. And banging all at the same time… at different times. Ya know what I mean. 

Whether you’re jamming out to ‘I Remember’, or you’re sobbing away into some Ben & Jerry’s with ‘Longing for Your Love’ and ‘If I Die’, Ady is here for you reader. And he gives great hugs.

And then there’s ‘Serious’ arguably one of the best songs of the past decade.

Yeah, I said that.

I still remember when I first heard it in his Future Session waaaay back in 2012. And this new version is still just as sick. Epic acapellas. A HUGE chorus. Lyrics that give ya a proper cheeky grin. Nice1 Ady. Nice1.

I appreciate this may look like one of those wanky sponsored posts – I promise, hand on heart, looking me mum in the eyes that it’s not. It’s just – this is a really good album. Like, really good.

Even as it’s greyer than greyscale outside at the mo, this album has you smiling. And we’re sure when that sun thing finally decides to appear again, that these songs are gonna feel even better.

To hear his Notts story, plus how he’s kind of had a mega smash hit in Italy, check Nusic Presents…

All the places you can buy the record – HERE.

Yours in Love of New Music,
Sam Nahirny x