‘When the World Wakes Up’ is a very apt title for this album. Both musically, and lyrically. Straight from the start of ‘Sail Away’, a banging fiddle (at least I think it’s a fiddle) serenades your eardrums. And then Brad directs his social commentary into your side noise receivers, pumping your brain and cochlea’s full of joy.

Plus it’s the perfect music to dance to when you’re a bit pissed.

The album press release shares some of the stories that inspired the songs on this record – from breaking out of your small town (‘Special Brew’), finding purpose (‘The Only Road I Know’), life’s characters (‘Billy Brown’), through to the refugee crisis (‘Save Our Souls’), coming together (‘Walls’), realising what you have (‘Festival Bar Blues’) and glasses raised to departed friends (‘Leave it All Behind’).

It’s quite a mixture – but a beautiful one – like a posh cocktail from Black Market Warsop or somethin’ like that.

Brad is a great songwriter and performer on his own – but when The March join him – it becomes a proper family affair. As in the good kind, not the sleeping with your sister kind. Anyways – Lizzie Morris, Chris Reed and Andy Hogg, all bring an edge of raw musical beauty to this record, which means it somehow sounds like a raucous live bootleg, and a super slick studio record, all at the same time.

And we’re sure these songs are going to sound absolutely monstrous at festivals all over Summer.

So, err, why don’t ya march on down and buy the record?


Yours in Love of New Music,
Sam Nahirny x