EYRE LLEW. Photo Credit: Unknown

As soon as you put your headphones on and press play on the first track of EYRE LLEW’s Atelo, there is an instant shift in your mindset. ‘Glas’ takes away that stressful, nagging headache that’s been building up for days and instantly replaces it with a feeling of serenity that will leave you feeling like you’re floating in the Sea of Tranquility, looking over all your problems on Earth and laughing at ‘em.

It will give you that euphoric feeling of peace, that you’ve been craving for months, in an instant – a musical Xanax without the side effects.

EYRE LLEW might not make happy music, but they don’t have to make you sad either. They’ll probably meet you somewhere in the middle leaving you reflecting on life but reassuring you with that ‘everything is going to be alright’ hug.

But songs like ‘Hwyl Fawr’ will let you have a good sob if that’s what you’re after. There’s a delicate layering of instruments with lyrics playing a bigger part than in other songs on the album. And to make it even more emosh, ‘Hwyl Fawr’ means ‘Goodbye’ in Welsh.

EYRE LLEW’s use of vocal throughout ‘Atelo’ is integral to their sound. Rather than separate from the music, the voice and lyrics are used as an additional layer, building on the soundscape of each track. And, EYRE LLEW songs are very much a soundscape. Taking each integral part and layering them on top of each other, adding more sonic beauty with each note.

Each song tells its own story through a rush of feeling. Atmospheric guitars, ambient synths and a whole load of reverb strip everything back to the bare bone. All individual masterpieces that deserve to be played in a miniature Sistine Chapel placed in the corner of Valhalla.

EYRE LLEW’s debut album ‘Atelo’ is available to buy, stream and download now. They are headlining Rescue Rooms on November 10, tickets available here.

EYRE LLEW are our Artist of the Month for October 2017. Check them out on all our October podcasts and keep your eyes peeled for our special feature later this month.

Yours in Love of New Music,
Katie Beard x