The best way I can describe this album is “beyond beautiful.” From some of the most relatable lyrics I’ve heard in years, to some of the most delicate, stunning compositions that have ever graced my ears.

This album is something special.

Most of the reviews you’ll see about this beauty will go into detail about the past few years of Jack’s (the man behind G47) life, and everything that’s gone on to make this album take the three years that it did to follow his debut. I’m not going into that – in fact, this review will be the complete opposite. I want to give you a breakdown of why this album is so special. I’m familiar with Jack’s story, so it’s not out of ignorance. That’s because I respect that Jack has put three or so years into this masterpiece, and the last thing he wants to hear about is his past. If I was in his shoes, I would want to hear people’s thoughts on my music, so that’s what this review is about.

The album opener “Come To New York” kicks things off to a great start, and sets a high standard which the album keeps throughout its entirety. It shows Jack’s trademark guitar playing style, his delicate vocals, and his ability to tell a touching story. It’s refreshing to have such a personal track kick off the album, as it’s here that Jack welcomes you into his world, and he makes you feel very welcome.

As I was listening to the album for the first few times, I made sure to keep the lyrics booklet with me – I wanted to know exactly what Jack was saying – and I’m glad I did. His lyrics are pure poetry. This may just be the most relatable album I’ve ever listened to. And as Jack explains in “Close To My Mind”, “you’re never getting close to my heart, until you’re close to my mind.” Well, Jack read my mind, and now Jack’s music is close to my heart… and I’m holding back the man tears… dammit Jack!

“I’ve got a little degree to prove my mind and my mother said, “Fine” and my brother said, “Why?”, and my father didn’t say much at all cause he’d been drinking, and I did not foresee at the end of this time that I could only get a job in a little bookshop, but you know that’s fine with me cause I’ve been thinking that I’d feel low if I had to spend each day far from the things I like to do, each way I’m at the bottom of the ladder looking up at you.”

That’s the second verse to “Little Job In A Bookshop”, a song that admittedly does what it says on the tin, but sounds quite unlike anything I’ve ever heard while doing it. Showing Jack’s versatility, he tells a compelling story about his minimum-wage job, and how it’s not particularly what he wants to be doing, but he’s happy getting by, as it allows him to do what he wants to do.

I feel that with this album, pretty much any of the tracks could be released as a single, which in my opinion, is something rather odd for this
genre. Now I’m not saying these songs are written for the mainstream, these songs are clearly written for Jack himself, and it’s our pleasure to be able to listen to them – but there’s something so sweet and sensitive about every single track, from the sonic backdrops, to the emotional journey that the album takes you on – it really is an experience unlike no other, and I expect this will bring the album much success.

The standout track for me is “Little Lost” – as it sums up a point which so many of us feel. That feeling of being lost and not particularly knowing where we are going in life.

“My father’s on the phone to a brother unknown,
He’s saying, “I don’t think Jack is really gonna go anywhere, he’s not in the charts!”
I say, “Lets go play darts!”,
I make lemon curd tarts,
you know”

Even the thought of a lemon curd tart couldn’t distract me from this album, and believe me, I love a good lemon curd tart.

You may gather, I am beyond impressed with this album. As someone who doesn’t listen to this kind of music all too much, this is definitely an album that will be staying with me for a long time. As this album proves – no matter what you’re going through, all can be well.

Yours in Love of New Music,
Sam Nahirny x

P.S Make sure to give this album a proper listen to. Put your phone away, don’t listen to it while you’re on your Playstation, just sit down, put the record on, and enjoy. You won’t regret it.

All Will Be Well will be released on I’m Not From London Records on 15th September. You can pre-order it on iTunes HERE. Once we know the Nottingham record stores that will be stocking the album, they will also be listed here.