If Urth can be likened to anything, it’s Carl Froch. As in – it packs one hell of a punch, but people who aren’t normally into the sport (in this case, their particular genre of music) can still love it.

The album smashes open with fan favourite “Gush“. A perfect taster of what the next 40 odd minutes has in store. It takes a whole 42 seconds of the album before you get to the first of the punchy choruses that I personally love about KAGOULE so much.

Straight into track two, and damn, what a riff. Dundundundundundun DAN DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN. Yeah, that one. Just the structure of this song (“Adjust The Way“) is beautiful. From the POW! of the riff. To the beautiful harmonies and slowed down bit on the chorus. To the epic bridge at the end. This is how you do a song people.

AAAAAHHHH AAAAHHHH. That is one of the catchiest hooks I’ve heard all year. And it comes from the chorus of track no.3 “Glue“. Possibly the poppiest track on the album, but that does not take away from the punch. In fact, at their Rough Trade album launch show the other week, I saw people absolutely losing their shit to the bridge of the song.

We’re then brought to a few new tracks (well, at least new to me!). The standout of which (probs cos I wasn’t quite expecting it) – “Empty Mug“. What exactly wasn’t I expecting? SCREAMS THAT SOUND LIKE THE GATES OF HELL ARE OPENING. But, you know, musically. And, in a good way. From Lucy. This track fucks with my head. But I can’t stop listening to it. It’s definitely left me with an empty mug… (badumtsh)

This is one of the most confident debuts I’ve ever heard. And it’s released on a legendary local label (Earache). Buy it from a local music shop, and you’ve basically completed a holy trinity or something like that.

It sticks with you too. A bit like glue…

Yours in Love of New Music,
Sam Nahirny x

P.S – Deets on where you can buy the record, and how you can help #SpreadTheUrthLove HERE.