Ey up,

Our next Nusic Academy event is a biggie. As part of Confetti’s Industry Week, we’ve gone and got some BIG media names down to share their wisdom with you beautiful people, all for free.

WORKSHOP – You know what these are: several music industry experts share their advice and wisdom, you take a seat and soak it all up. Mostly led by your questions, the Workshop sees industry professionals share all their wisdom, and you get the chance to speak to ’em afterwards. The speakers for this Workshop are…

– KATE HOLDER – BBC Radio 1 and 1 Xtra producer for almost 10 years. Kate has a major focus on new and undiscovereed artists, producing Huw Stephen’s show.

– MIKE WALSH – Head of Music at Radio X / XFM since 2005. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Mike has worked with artists as huge as Coldplay and Blur.

NICOLA BESWICK – Notts TV presenter, anchoring Notts TV News and presenting The 6.30 show. Every Friday she has a local artist in for a live sofa session.

Come the end of the Workshop, there will be one of our famous Spread The Love sessions. Which is basically like speed-dating for musicians. You put your hand up and say you need something (new band member, producer, manager, video director etc etc) and then, the peeps that do what you need raise there hands. Then you make beautiful (metaphorical) musical babies.

MUSICIANS ADVICE FAIR – Like a mini Freshers Fair, there’ll be loads of musician helping entities setting up stall before and after the workshop. You can go up to ’em, find out what they’re about, have a bit of a chat, and hopefully walk away with plenty of wisdom and knowledge of what you’re gonna do when you get home.

Entities confirmed so far: BBC Introducing, County Youth Arts, DHP Local Team, Jam Cafe, Leftlion, Nottingham Music Hub, Nusic (we’ll represent Notts TV too), Pedestrian, YMCA, Young Creative Awards.

The event is part of Confetti’s Industry Week. BUT, as with all Nusic Academy events, it is entirely open to the public! Yup, you, your brother, your bandmate, your dog (okay, maybe not your dog), you get the picture. Loads of free music advice, for free. Did we mention it’s free?

Make sure you hop on the Eventbrite ASAP to get your tickets. This is all part of the Academy part of Nusic, which aims to give musicians advice at the start of their career. Previous workshop videos and resources can be found HERE.

And spread the love. Get your musician mates down too. It’s the kind of love spreading your mates will actually appreciate.


Yours in Love of New Music,
Sam Nahirny x