The first in a series of ‘genre specials’, first up we focus in on the producers of Notts as we warm up for Carnival this weekend. With the help of Tumble Audio, we feature brand New Music from the ‘JAKE BUGG of the Nottingham electronic scene’, Pete Tong’s favourite Notts producer plus the return of the legend that is CAPPO.

NUSIC New Music Podcast 58 (114) TRACKLISTING – Producer Special

WARREN XCLNCE ft Etta Bond – Examine Me (MIMM)
ONE BOMB ft Aja – Roll the Dice
SHD – March of the Darkness
MIK – Mor3 (Anex Rerub)
REWIND: SKI produced by The Elementz – Nottingham on my Back
METSKE – Slow Tape Train Blues (Wigflex)
KILLJOY – Gyalist Riddim (Tumble Audio)
FIRENZA – Temptress (Demo Version)
SERGIC & LYKA – On the Hunt
CONGI ft Katya Gabeli – Words
CAPPO ft Theoriest – Rack of Lamb
PLS NOTE CORRECTION – WAYFARER ft Animai – Reflections
TREKKAH ft Esther Van Leuven – Higher

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