Now then Comrades!

The freshers have arrived, the returning students are back and we have 3 amazing gigs lined up for you…just be careful that you don’t slip on any piles of vomit on your way to them!

First up we have some of Nottingham’s best punk acts at The Chameleon on Monday 26th September.

Kicking off the night is ALEX HEL. He’s lovable, he’s funny, he’s entertaining and he goes great with a guitar! Get down early to catch him.

WILL BAILEY “everyone’s favorite shorts wearing busker” is on next, away from his usual habitat on Clumber Street and in the warmth and coziness of the Chameleon. Yay!

BARRELMAN are also playing this awesome gig. They’re a new band collaborated by 3 of Nottingham’s loudest punksters, Joe Slater, Tom Stratford and Andrew Shankland. My gosh, is it Christmas already?

Doors: 8pm
Tickets: £4

Our next gig is at the Rescue Rooms where GALLERY 47 is supporting David’s Lyre on Thursday 29th September.

If you haven’t seen GALLERY 47 yet, WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN DOING? Your poor ears have been missing out on gorgeous layers of guitar, echoing and dreamy vocals and deep, heartwarming lyrics.

Doors: 7pm
Tickets: £5

Our final gig of the week is the GOLDEN TROUBADORS E.P launch at Malt Cross on Friday 30th September

GANG OF ANGELS are opening the night with their gospel take on modern hits. These girls are sassy, strong and spirited. They’re gonna kill it!

ZACKIE CHAN is very new on the scene but don’t let that fool you! He plays enchanting acoustic music, looping pops and riffs to trick you into thinking there’s another band member hiding behind him. There isn’t.

LOUIS SCOTT is popular here at Nusic HQ. We love his soul, his swagger and his amazing voice. The best part is, he doesn’t even realise how good he is.

THE GOLDEN TROUBADORS, the hosts, are a lovely Notts band who work really hard, yet when they play it seems effortless. Their mix of blues, soul and flamenco acoustic music just comes naturally to them. They’ll be selling their E.P on the night.

Doors: 8:30pm
Tickets: FREE

Yours In Love Of New Music