ASHFIELDS. Photo Credit: Unknown

It’s Chriiiiistmaaaaaas (nearly)!! No fear though, the Notts music scene has not retired to their homes with a big box of celebrations just yet, there are a few more key gigs that you should definitely get yourselves down to this week!


Kicking off the penultimate week of 2016, CRS are having a do at Rough Trade where there’ll be non stop Hip-Hop, Spoken Word and Rap from the best this county has to offer!

ACE will be headlining, with word play that will take you a few minutes to get your head around, and then the rest of the day to get out! Fresh from stunning the students of Notts on the last Nusic School Tour, NAT will be there throwing his incredibly dense, complex and brilliant lyricism about the place – not to be missed, even if you really need the loo. Also appearing is the superb DOMZ, relatively new and very promising, bringing her smooth Hip-Hop sounds that are as vibrant as her pink hair. CHRIS AND SHAKKA will be bringing their beautiful layering of smooth Pop vocals and brooding Rap to the Rough Trade floor, do not miss! Oh and not forgetting RVR, the freshest of Hip-Hop/Rap collectives featuring A DEE, BARZAN and NAT.

It’s going to be one long night of beautiful wordplay and people!

Rough Trade
Wednesday 21st December
Price: free
Doors: 6pm


ASHFIELDS are a five piece Indie Pop band from, funnily enough, Ashfield. With sounds that aren’t too dissimilar to AMBER RUN and D.I.D, the boys have had a killer year; from Dot to Dot to Riverside Festival, it’s very apt that they close 2016 with a big ol’ show at one of their favourite venues (and when I say one of their favourite, I mean they’ve already played Bodega ELEVEN times this year!) Fans are eagerly awaiting music from their upcoming EP, and some new music may very well be on the cards. Come along for indie anthemic antics, with songs like ‘Eclipse’ and ‘Munich’, there’s no better way to spend this Thursday night than with these chorus lines going through your head! They didn’t come along alone either…

Joining em will be THE VARLETTS; though they only formed earlier this year, their music is well developed and you wonder why they weren’t a thing before! Though their sound is predominantly raw Alt Rock, lying underneath are tons of beautiful melodies carried gracefully by Laurie Rowland. With an almost Elvis kinda sound about them, expect crowd behaviour to go from somber swaying to a mosh pit waiting to happen!

Also taking to the stage is KATIE COOPER; she is back at Bodega to soothe the crowd with her soulful vocals and delicate guitar skills. Make sure you get down early to hear these beautiful vocal chords at work!

Cassia from Macclesfield will also be playing.

The Bodega
Thursday 22nd December
Price: £6
Doors: 7pm


ONE GIANT CAUSEWAY, the Bridgfordian Indie Rock band, are hitting up the good ship Bodega for their brand new EP launch; it’s Christmas come early! ‘Wired’ will have been out barely a week, and the crowd will be singing and dancing along for sure! With some vocal and guitar lines sounding similar to Oasis during the glory days, their newer stuff has a slightly more pyschy-Blossoms style twist, they have definitely carved their own sound into the Notts Indie Rock scene. I’d compare missing this great five piece as like Christmas morning (i.e non negotiable / plain dumb). Noel Gallagher will be missing out but you, my friends, can bring in Christmas eve eve with these guys!

Support comes from JOSEPH KNIGHT, one of the loveliest Singer-Songwriters in the country. Joe has been all about those heart-string pulling acoustic tunes recently, with enough material to pretty much have your body run out of tears. Well – good news… he’s got even more of them! Get some SmartWater down ya (other H20 brands are available), and get ready for a good old-fashioned emosh-bop.

The Bodega
Friday 23rd December
Price: £5
Doors: 7pm

Yours in Love of New Music,
Alice Robbins x