The Nottingham music scene is into full swing again, and this week we’ve got some Blues loving, a bit of Dub, Reggae and Dancehall; and an EP launch with a Stellar Indie lineup!


Kicking things off this week we have a bit of Blues lovin’ from I’m Not From London and The Orange Tree on Wednesday with Bourbon and Blues!

The night starts with STACEY MCMULLEN, an artist, whom even the event page describes as a “working class hero with no legal identity, no passport and no links”… so basically, what exactly we can expect from this fella is a bit unknown right now, however, if he’s anything like the rest of the acts on the lineup, he’s gonna be very, very talented!

JOE BARBER is up next to deliver some incredible guitar skills and good ol’ fashioned Blues stylings. Having just come off a tour of New Orleans and the West Coast of America, this gent has plenty of knowledge and influence of the true American Blues, and we’re sure he’ll give you a very true rendition of it. And you don’t even need a passport!

Rounding off the night we have THE TOM MCCARTNEY BAND. Fronted, funnily enough, by TOM MCCARTNEY, you’ll be stunned at the musicianship these fellas hold. Clearly influenced by the Blues greats, whilst still sounding fresh and original, TTMC always deliver an ace live performance, and we guarantee you’ll be singing a fair few of these songs on the walk home, whilst trying to hit those low notes… we said trying.

Price: Free
Doors: 8:30pm


The Maze have got a proper good lineup sorted for you on Friday, with equal bits of Dub, Reggae, Dancehall and more to have you heading into the weekend in style.

Kicking things off we have the stunning Pop-Reggae sounds of BUD. She’s changed a bit since you last saw her, whilst she still brings out some lovely little Pop tunes, she’s given her sound a bit more of a Reggae vibe, and, believe us, it works! With plenty of catchy melodies and uplifting lyrics, she’s gonna have you feeling them Summer vibes, even though it is bloody January!

Next up we have UNKNOWN ERA, the new project from ASHMORE, which sees him fronting an ace live band! Playing a mix of Reggae, Punk, Hip-Hop, and more all thrown into one ridiculously enjoyable mish mash, you’ll be stunned by their live show. You’ll either be dancing, or appreciating his wise words, either way, you’ll be having a damn good time!

Topping all that off we have that collective that really bring the party, ORIGIN ONE. With more energy than an explosion in a Red Bull factory, once this lot take to the stage, you’ll be skanking all over the place! With plenty of additional vocal talent, you never quite know what to expect from their live show, besides a good time that is. If you have a little look on YouTube, you’ll find a few of their live performances – have a gander, and we guarantee you’ll be even more eager to get yersen down there!

K.O.G and The Zongo Brigade from Sheffield will also be performing.

Price: £4
Doors: 8pm


Finally in our Top Three this week, we have THE TANGENTS EP launch, also at The Maze, on Saturday.

Starting things off are JOE AND MIKE. Having just released their own debut EP, this two piece make some lovely little Folky Acoustic numbers that have more than a hint of mr Bugg about ‘em. Oh, and harmonies. Plenty of happy harmonies.

THE IRISH CHEMISTS follow, a band who smash a load of brilliant influences into one huge, energetic, and rather damn enjoyable sound. You can imagine what we mean – proper Rock n Roll, that gets your blood pumping and makes you wanna go a little bit crazy. Get in the pit!

Next up we’ve got THE SIGHTS, a band that bring some proper good Brit-Indie sounds. Having already played the likes of Rock City and Rescue Rooms, these lads have perfected quite the live show. Raucous, loud, and perfectly set to warm up the crowd for…

THE TANGENTS will be taking to the stage. Armed with plenty of swagger, loads of catchy riffs, and some proper relatable lyrics, these guys are making some of the best Indie in the UK right now. As it’s their EP launch, they’ve got a fair few new tunes to share with you – you can actually get the EP now (it was launched online last month), so give it a listen, and we’re sure you’ll agree, the Arctic Monkeys have got a few things to worry about!

Doors: 7:30pm

Yours in Love of New Music,
Sam Nahirny x

P.S LIAM BAILEY returns to Notts on Wednesday. But, all the tickets have gone and sold out. Though, we’re pretty sure those with a ticket are in for a right treat!