There are some HUGE gigs on the Nottingham music scene this week! From a mega birthday party, to a rather melancholic, but still incredible Electronic gig, oh, and the launch of one of Nottingham’s (if not the UK’s) most highly anticipated releases.


First up on the musical menu we’ve got CAKE. No, really, there actually will be – as it’s Acoustic Rooms sixth Birthday! To celebrate they have arranged a fantastic line up of Nottingham artists for your enjoyment (and cake, let us never forget the cake.) So put on your best party hat and get your arses down to Rescue Rooms this Monday.

For starters we’ve got a bit of GEORGE HOLROYD for ya, who if you don’t know is a soothing Singer/Songwriter who’s been getting about quite a bit recently, playing loads of great gigs around the city and showing off his recent EP release ‘Peru’ to everyone. Hey, we don’t blame him, it’s pretty awesome! Expect gorgeous Bluesy guitar sounds with opulent, grungy vocals.

The next course is IN THE TEEPEES, a three piece Indie band who sounds kind of like an odd mix of the Smashing Pumpkins and Foals, and it totally works. We first saw them at Acoustic Rooms and fell in love, so what better setting to rekindle the flame? The boys are masters at crafting both slow and upbeat, awe‐inducing songs which your ears will warmly welcome.

RYAN THOMAS is up next, who is a Folky, Bluesy singer signed by Wire & Wool Records, an off‐branch of I’m Not From London Records. With influences like Seasick Steve and Johnny Cash, you can expect to hear Country songs with lyrics focusing on drinking, women (yes well, we are great) and of course, the Blues. We reckon Charles Bukowski would have loved him.

The night’s not over there though, as next up we have MOLLY & JACK, who are a ridiculously lovable Acoustic boy/girl duo (we may have said it before but seriously, relationship goals right here). Influences include Neil Young and Fleetwood Mac, and if you shout for an encore they’ll probably give you a little ditty to sing along to (sing quietly though, there’s a reason we’re not all in a band). The couple are definitely something special, demonstrating their talent with gorgeously balanced harmonies and catchy melodies. Seriously, they’re pro.

The final act for you on this delectable lineup are the gorgeously soft Folk sounds of ANWYN WILLIAMS, whose honest, classic song writing is often compared to the likes of Joni Mitchell. Her songs provide classic, storytelling lyrics and infectious melodies. A sophisticated voice of love, joy and sorrow, Anwyn is sure to astound with her stunning songwriting. Plus, we hear this may be the debut of her new electric, ooh, fanceh.

Oh, also playing will be Martin Luke Brown from Leicester, Joe Miles from Northampton, and Scribble Victory from Derby. Got it? Good. See you there.

Date: Monday 23rd March
Place: Rescue Rooms
Doors: 7:30pm
Admission: FREE!


Next we have ‘The Most Melancholic Party of The Year’ – SHELTER POINT’s headline show at Stealth with support from fellow Denizen artists FIELD STUDIES. FS are a four‐piece band who provides beautifully Ambient Post-Rock sounds reminiscent of the likes of Explosions in The Sky. The passionate soundscapes are complemented amazingly by Chris’ haunting lead vocal, and what started off as experimental soon lead to be a debut EP, “Celestial“, which was released in 2013. I first saw them play at The Chameleon last year, and immediately after they finished their set, ran up to buy said EP yelling “DON’T TALK, JUST TAKE MY MONEY!” But, on a serious note, their penetrating guitars and dark, resonating lyrics will have your heart in their hands, as they demonstrate prevailing songs which deceive their ages.

The Nottingham formed, Coventry Stolen (lol, soz Cov) Electronic duo SHELTER POINT delicately construct complex, woozy atmospheric musical landscapes worthy of a cinematic soundtrack. The pair’s trademark sound has been moulded by Robin’s Post‐Rock/Electronic hybrid production laced with Liam’s soulful, chilling falsetto. After captivating some pretty impressive attention from the likes of Zane Lowe, Annie Mac, and Huw Stephens, AND remixing the likes of MO and Laura Doggett, Shelter Point released the (incoming quote from some fancy‐pants magazine…) ‘stratospheric’ second EP ‘Weird Dreamers’ on Feb 22nd 2015 via Space + Time (Sony/RCA). We’re just waiting for the album now, but until then come join us and take the tiny hairs on the back of your neck out for the night (they’ll love it, I promise).

Date: Wednesday 25th March
Doors: 7:30
Place: Stealth
Field Studies: 8:30
Shelter Point: 9:45
Admission: £5


Saturday sees the heavily anticipated event that is the SCORZAYZEE album launch show at Rescue Rooms, with support from Chester P, Heavy Links and hosted by Nottingham legend KARIZMA.

SCORZAYZEE started out as a member of a Nottingham Hip-Hop super‐group OUTDAVILLE and became a solo act. After a few years he retired from the music industry for absolutely AAAGES, and in a Leftlion interview back in 2005 said he’d probably never come back unless there’s something he wants to say that is ‘worth coming back from retirement to say.’ Well, we’re guessing he has a lot to say then, because he’s back, and after a Kickstarter raised over £16,000 resulting in a double album LP being released, it is one HELL of a comeback! He’ll be playing loads of songs from his “#Kickstartscorz” album, which is being released on April 20th worldwide. Oh, and being one of Nottingham’s most highly respected and renowned MC and spoken word artists; you won’t want to miss him.

Date: Saturday 28th March
Doors: 7:30pm
Place: Rescue Rooms
Admission: £11

Yours in Love of New Music,
Emily Rose Malone x

TRANSPARANCY DECLARATION: This Top Three was written by Emily, who is the partner of SHELTER POINT’S vocalist. She did not sway our decision on the gig being chosen, we were confident it was one of the best gigs of the week – and our Deputy Editor has edited the T3 to make sure it isn’t biased.