As another week passes, we are happy to say we have yet another amazing set of gigs for the Nottingham music scene. This week sees one for the Alternative lovers, an album launch party, and plenty of performances thanks to NEAT14.


Over at The Maze on Thursday, you can expect to find a load of great bands from the Alternative spectrum, all thanks to Boombox Promotions.

Those interestingly named fellas in BAYBO SQUAYBO will be opening the night with their explosion of rough yet catchy sounds. Despite not having much released, the stuff we have heard sounds like a pretty damn sexy combination of awesome riffs, laid back vocals and sweet, sweet soundscapes. We can’t wait to catch some of it live!

Next up we have the dirty, rowdy, riff-fuelled Blues of THE DAMN HEAVY. With a sound heavily influenced by Punk, Garage and Soul, these guys make a crazy concoction of sounds – the kind of sounds that make us feel like proper men when we listen to em. Get us our whisky! Insatellites from Leeds will also be performing.

Finally, we’ll have the anthemic Rock sounds of FIELDS. With hints of The Libertines and The Charlatans, these boys make some pretty damn catchy tunes – with plenty of slick riffs and distortion thrown in for good measure. Add to that their huge stage presence (Liam Gallagher who?), and we’re sure these guys we’ll put on a bloody great performance!

Doors: 7PM
Price: £4


SCRIPTURES are releasing their new album this Saturday at Lace Market Gallery, and they’re throwing a proper fancy party to celebrate.

If you’re not familiar with SCRIPTURES, here’s the lowdown – they’re a duo, Robear & Kieren, who make “Art-Rock”. Now, for those of you want an explanation, here’s what you can expect to hear – MASSIVE choruses, EPIC riffs, and an “even better live than on record” sound.

They’re gonna play the entirety of their new album Our Problems Revisited live, so you’ll get to hear what the past two years of hard work has amounted to. We reckon it’s gonna be something pretty special, and if there past performances we’ve seen are anything to go by, they’re gonna absolutely smash it!

Doors: 8PM
Price: Free – Ticket needed though. Get em HERE.


The Nottingham European Arts and Theatre Festival (NEAT14) started this Friday just gone, and as part of it, this week you can expect to see loads of local musicians, in several different venues.

On Friday, you can expect to hear the Afro-Funk Fusion sounds of BLESSING MAGORE. In partnership with Cultural Vibrations, he’ll be performing at the Chase Neighbourhood Centre in St Anns. The well-dressed chap hasn’t been gigging for long in Notts, but his uplifting sounds have won him plenty of new fans recently – and for good reason. He brings loads of influences together to make a truly unique sound, and, to put it simply, his songs just make you smile. What more could you want from music?

Over at Cast Bar, you can expect to enjoy plenty of local acts as you sip your cocktails.

On Thursday, you’ll have the pleasure of seeing the beautiful Soul-Folk sounds of JOY MUMFORD. An incredible songwriter, with an absolutely stunning tone to her voice, Joy makes some incredible, touching songs, that honestly wouldn’t sound out of place on a Corinne Bailey Rae album.

On Friday you can expect to see SAMUEL KIRK, frontman of INJURED BIRDS. We reckon him and his guitar will make some lovely jittery Folk sounds for you. Maybe even his banjo will make an appearance. Either way, he’s gonna make you dance, I assure you that, just please, don’t knock anyones drinks over – they’re bloody expensive in there!

Finally, on the Sunday you can expect to find the sweet, soulful sounds of ESTHER VAN LEUVEN. With an incredibly unique tone and style to her music, we always find Esther’s performances enticing, and we’re sure that this one will be no different.

Price: Music events are all free
Doors: Varies

So yeah, if art isn’t your thing, don’t worry. There’s plenty of musical treats dotted around Notts this week!

Yours in Love of New Music,
Sam Nahirny x