BRAD DEAR. Photo Credit: Unknown

This week, the Top Three sits quite nicely over the whole weekend, so that you can go to each and every one. From summery Reggae to angsty Folk, there is a wide selection to indulge in.


Over the past few months, a big group of talented Nottingham musicians have been meeting up, and crafting some beautiful music together; tonight will be the culmination of all this rehearsal and effort. This Supergroup Showcase will bring a whole host of crazy talented folk to the beautiful venue that is Theatre Royal. JOSEPH KNIGHT and other lovely musicians have helped mentor the supergroup – who go by the name of FORGOTTEN ROCKETS. And on the night, Joe will join them for a blissful musical crossover. And – all this is in the stunning venue of Theatre Royal. Ace.

Friday 10th March
Theatre Royal
Tickets: Free
Doors: 7pm


BRAD DEAR is having his long awaited EP launch at The Bodega and it’s set to be a packed out affair! With traditional Folk sensibilities inherent in his sound, the husky vocals, Frank Turner esque delivery, and subject matters he covers, really sets him apart from the rest. Hailing from Southwell, this well-seasoned player has serenaded folks all over the country at over 30 festivals, and is a real treat to watch live. Those lucky enough to have heard the EP report that he writes of being trapped in a modern world and situations he falls into; one of his songs is about someone he met on a bus! His vocals have really gone from strength to strength, and with Chris, Lizzie, and Andy in the mix, his sound is fuller than ever before. The EP will be available on the night and you can get ahead and preorder too! He didn’t come alone…

Joining the fun are Nottingham party legends UNKNOWN ERA, the most endearing ragtag group of hippy-esque misfits you ever will see. With so many different sounds coming at your eardrums, you’ll be swimming in a crystal sea of Reggae, Hip-Hop, Alternative, Ska and …whatever else you might discover. They have some great new material coming your way with a higher level of social and political conscience promoting messages of equality and unity. At several protests they’ve played acoustic stripped down sets and that’s exactly what you will have the privilege of watching this very Saturday.

PETE JACKSON is a Punk Folk singer man from Retford. A fixture on the live music scene since 2001, this long timer has been all over the place, with love all across the shire. Though he recently had something of a hiatus, he solidified a sweet debut album in July of last year, and it’s a proper treat for your ears.

Saturday 11th March
The Bodega
Price: £5.75 adv
Doors: 7pm


Harrison Rimmer is a York based singer. He’s popping down to Notts, and Scorpio are gonna be recording audio and visual bites for an upcoming live album – how cool? You may be thinking – “hmm, what’s this got to do with Nottingham music?”. Well, there are two fine Notts artists that ya can enjoy alongside this quirky experience.

Starting the night off is CHRIS HINE, a local singer-songwriter who will be kicking everything into gear with some proper soulful solo acoustic vibes. With a voice that feels something like a big warm hug, we’re sure he’ll entertain your brain (and ears) a plenty. 

ZEE ROWE will also be taking to the stage. We confess – we tried doing proper Sherlock Holmes research on this guy, but we couldn’t find much. What we did find though – he’s a badass singer-songwriter, he’s played all around the world, and he even runs rehearsal studios to help other musicians out. Nice fella.

Bringing the night to a close will be BLUE VULTURE. They formed back in 2013 and they have been jamming together ever since. Classing themselves as ’sleazy Indie Rock’, they having some catchy ass guitar riffs that’ll have you set for a radical time. With some new music on the horizon too, it’s set to be a memorable experience. Oh, and there’s going to be some free food and drink. Woohoo!

Sunday 12th March
The Bath Inn
Price: Free between 7-8pm, £3 thereafter
Doors: 7pm

Yours in Love of New Music,
Alice Robbins x