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Well, you’ve got quite a big decision to make this week fine reader. You see, as usual there’s tons of ace live Notts music going off this week. But, this week, most of it falls on the Saturday. Ooooh, decisions. It’s now up to you to chose which one you go to…


Describing their music to us back in summer 2015 as ‘a petrol powered horse and cart’, KAGOULE are not your ordinary Alternative Rock band. I mean for a start what does Alternative Rock even mean (it’s a rice pudding description of a music genre) and two, this tripod of creativeness released their debut album ‘Urth’ to critical acclaim whilst in their teens. C’mon guys, what are you eating for breakfast?! Formed half a decade ago whilst at school, Cai, Lucy and Lawrence were looking for something to pass the time. Little did they know that the band playing in the school hall would end up sharing stages with Johnny Marr, performing at Glastonbury and be written about in NME, Rolling Stone and The Guardian. Kagoule’s sound is one that will take you by the earlobes, thrash you about with punchy choruses and catchy harmonies then leave you feeling beautifully battered. They’re back at The Bodega for what will be a raucous affair – oh and remember to bring some shrapnel for Lawrence’s wickedly designed merch.

“Noisy, wonky grooves from Notts” they say, inspired by June of 44 they say, PRE-BIRDS are the mysterious band supporting KAGOULE. With one righteous Post-Hardcore song on Soundcloud, there’s not much to describe this trio apart from their sound will punch you in the face (in the most courteous way of course, or maybe not). A forthcoming EP due sometime in May, perhaps all will be revealed…

Noisy-Rock trio Mums from Widnes will also be supporting.  

The Bodega
Doors: 7pm
Tickets: £7


Fancy a day full of eclectic music in a beer garden? Of course you do, and luckily for you, Nearstock has got you covered.

Will UNKOWN ERA ever stop playing gigs? We doubt it cos they love it too much and after a 10 date UK tour they’re straight back at it treating Nearstock to a delicious Hip Hop, Reggae, Gypsy Soundcombo. Representing the ladieeees, duo CATS CHARIS’ seductive sound has a 1950s burlesque feel. Flirting with your earhole, they’ll have you hooked on their jazzy melodies and Swing beat. BARON LEWIS will be shining a light on Rock/Soul/Country music. With a fantastic gruff tone, Baron sounds like he should be playing in Nevada and not Nottinghamshire – but hey we’re not complaining! Spreading the weekend love will be the BRAD DEAR BAND. They chime a Folk/Rock/Punk sound – I even heard a bit of Country in song ‘Special Brew’, which alas was not about the drink. Think Frank Turner’s sound but deeper and more subdued, maybe Frank Turner after a couple of Special Brew…yeah we’ll go with that. A whole load of songs, a guitar, and a lust for life … that’s what you get when you listen to BRIAN JONES. Seeing his energy on stage might just make you think ‘life begins at 50’.

Also performing is Derbyshire lass Paige Seabridge, Jake Smallbones from Halifax and Fanzines.

The Royal Oak, East Bridgford
Doors: 4pm
Entry: £5


Another event to wet your whistle, I’m Not From London will be back at Black Iris Brewery hosting a “balls out Blues/Psyche night”.

Progressive Space Rock with plenty of synths and moody guitar chords, LORD HA HA will have you trippin out with their “psychotropic shitstorm”. With members called Shaggy and Milk, this six piece feel like they’re from another era or maybe another planet. We’re not sure but with ‘alien space lighting and projections from Lord Metempsychosis’ prepare to get wavey.  

Described as “The gruffest blues to fall this side of the Trent”, 94 GUNSHIPS Bluegrass feel is sharpened by Rob Davidson’s rusty vocals (rusty in a chipped paint sorta way, not rusty as unpractised). If you’re not humming “Oh My Darling” to song ‘Take My Coin’ we don’t know what’s wrong with you because it’s been stuck in my my head for hours! American spirit vibes here in Nottingham.

According to their FB page “Most things haven’t worked out” – but, have you heard a good Blues band sing about positive stuff? We think DUSTY BIBLE & The CANADIANS are giving themselves too much of a hard time when Notts can’t get enough of their Blues/Rock concoction. Slurring vocals, sliding riffs and reverberating bass, you won’t think you’re in Nottingham when this lot are on.

Sean Grant & The Wolfgang from Northamptonshire will also be playing.

Black Iris Brewery
Doors: 6pm
Entry: £5

Yours in Love of New Music,
Anna Butler x