THE INVISIBLE ORCHESTRA. Photo Credit: Ralph Barklam

UPDATE: Support for TIO gig has been confirmed as Mr Switch, Bunkerpop, Babar Luck, BIGSEXY and DJ Russ Fenby.

Singer-songwriter soulfulness, a freakin’ orchestra, and a good old fashioned mosh-out. x


Singer-songwriter wizard JOEY COLLINS is back with another album (serious, this guy is a beast of a songwriter), and how else would he celebrate than throwing a shindig down at The Chameleon? If you’re unfamiliar with Joey, he’s a bit Grunge-y, but also quite soulful. Our mates at Leftlion described him as ‘rocking a low-key Kurt Cobain sound with a hint of Jeff Buckley soul’, and that’s a pretty dece description yano.

Supporting are BEN MARK SMITH and LAURIE ILLINGWORTH. The former, a donny of the acoustic Folk-y vibe, with a bunch of killer melodies too. And then the latter, Laurie, is just a beautiful monster of a musician who makes our soul weep with happiness everytime we hear him. Solid lineup, that.

Wednesday 17th April
The Chameleon
Price: £6.88
Doors: 730pm


It’s Good Friday. You’ve got the day off work / Uni / College etc. You’re having an afternoon bev in the Sun (hopefully). What ya gonna do with your evening mate? Here’s an idea, why not go and have a mega bop to an orchestra? Ya know, one of Nottingham’s finest – THE INVISIBLE ORCHESTRA – who bring loads of Notts’ sickest musicians, and vocalists together, and put on a show that is almost always guaranteed to hurt your feet the next morning. Convenient that, tbh, cos they’re playing Metronome. So, go get your tickets, and err… your dancing shoes. Everyone has a pair, right?

Friday 19th April
Doors: 8pm
Price: £16.50


If you’re more into your mental guitars (in a good way, obvs), and a good old fashioned mosh-out, well CROSSLIGHT have got ya covered then. The six-piece, six-string rockers have got a new EP out called ‘Solutions’, and to celebrate they’re inviitng ya all down for a proper headbang at Albert’s (ya know, old Spanky’s). They’ve got quite the support lineup too – FOREVER IN THE MAKING have also got duffle bags worth of riffs to fill your eardrums. And THE ADDICTION – they’re ready to Punk-ify that beaut little face of yours. We think that’s enjoyable. Yeah, it will be.

Friday 19th April
Doors: 7pm
Price: £3.30

Yours in Love of New Music,|
Sam Nahirny x