This week’s Nusic Future Session features rising star WILLIS ROSE. Having been born with studios, singers and, erm, belly dancers(?!) all around him this Radford lad was made for the starlight.

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Hola comrades!

I’m back from the sunny Spain (just to rub it in) and our top three gigs this week will make you forget the awful English weather and make you excited for all those summer plans.

Cultural Vibrations will be holding four nights of music during the Neat 11 Festival starting Monday (30th).

The wonderful LIAM O’KANE will be playing this one with his strong summer vibes and heavily influenced Reggae sounds. It’ll make you forget all this rain and horrible weather we’ve been getting.

Doors: 9pm
Tickets: £5

Next, I’m Not From London bring you a humongous (well as humongous as you can be with a tiny, veggie cafe) night of Notts talent at Alley Cafe taking up the whole of the Alley (inside and out) on Thursday (2nd). Don’t say these guys never give you anything!

Indie/Jazz/Alternative band THE SABOTEURS will throw at you a diverse range of sounds keeping your ears entertained.

Acoustic singer MEBEROB will leave you all with smiles on your faces from his gorgeous guitar playing and distinctive, beautiful vocals.

Nottingham six-piece JUST JAMES will provide plenty of noisy Electro that will pump through your veins and make you dance your ass off.

Next, the lovely ALEXA HAWK will play some mellow, Acoustic melodies that relax the mood and give you a chance to get your breath back.

ANDY WHITTLE, another Acoustic singer/songwriter will carry on those calm vibes and stunning vocals that will take you away to a dream land.

KNIFECUTTER can’t be found on the net but INFL describe them on their event page as: “Two piece powerhouse, in your face grunge.” Oh so now I understand.

And finally SYD RHYTHM will play some Experimental/Alternative that sounds different, but a good different. Hard to describe his sound, so you’re best to check him out for yourself.

Doors: 8.30pm
Tickers: FREE!

And finally Farmyard presents another awesome night at Jam Cafe on Friday (3rd).

I saw MARBLE a year and a half ago now and they were so slick, so smooth and so Jazzy that you’d be mad to miss them! Particularly in such an intimate venue!

NAHLA RAE is an exciting talent to come out of Nottingham. She has such a stunning voice that you will be mesmerised into silence.

Doors: 8pm
Tickets: FREE!

Yours in love of new music.

Future Sound of Nottingham at Rock City

We don’t know for sure, its hard to verify such a claim! But what is certain is that this year’s Future Sound of Nottingham will be there or there abouts.

Announced exclusively on Monday via the New Music Podcast and shared with the world today we can confirm our Splendour comp has just got a whole lot bigger. Not only is the chance to live the dream and play the Splendour Main Stage out there but our comp has now evolved into a 2 Dreams for the price of 1 scenario! You could play the Rock City Main Stage too!!

Yes Comrades The Future Sound of Nottingham final will be held on Sunday 10th July in the Rock City main room.

Find out more about the comp and how to enter via the New Music Podcast.

Read more about the comp in the brand new LeftLion out on the streets of the Great County round about now!

BY THE WAY THIS IS NOT THE END, there is more to come, by the time we have finished this year’s Future Sound of Nottingham will be able to have a serious tilt at the title of ‘biggest free local music comp ever‘. We have another dream up our sleeves…

Announced Monday 6th via the next New Music Podcast.

Facebook Event is HERE.

Yours in Love of New Music

Your chance to get drenched in the summer rain, be shouted at lots and learn fuckloads about the music industry. Ask any of our interns from our Notts Unsigned days working with us is not always easy, but you make great contacts, get inspired and have a lot of fun.

If you would like to apply to join the NUSIC team this summer then email us a maximum of 50 words on these three passions:

Your love of Music
Your love of the Great County of Nottinghamshire
Your love of Cake

Email us by 5pm Tuesday on

If you’re good, we might well call you.

Yours in Love of New Music

PS Hit up current interns Liz Riordan or Arielle Bosworth on our twitter @FeelTheNusic if you want some tips/ insight/ advice

Welcome to our second Nusic New Music Podcast!

Featuring an incredible diversity of fabulous New Notts Music, details on the Splendour competition and news on how that competition has just got even bigger!! What’s that? You could play Splendour AND also…


MASH – Losing You (T’S MYTH Remix)
DUKE ZERO-ONE – Clarence Boddicker
DJ VIMTO ft JAH DIGGA – Everything
The Rewind: THE WAX DRAMATIC – Colours
THAT SUNDAY FEELING – Critically Speaking
Back To The Future: WILLIS ROSE – Erase You
LONG DEAD SIGNAL – Asleep At The Wheel