COTCS. Photo Credit: Unknown

Seven piece Notts mega band CHURCH OF THE COSMIC SKULL, as we speak, have just released their debut album ‘Is Satan Real?’. We now have the musings of the “new religious movement” and we are oh, so happy about it. As our September Artist of the Month, what else could we do but review the goodies the gang have put together for our keen ears?

The seven track album starts with “Mountain Heart”, bursting open with a heavy instrumental. It’s got guitar soloing, heavy keys and eruptive vocals all over the track, a Classic Rock styley tune. Heavenly soft voices, a semi angelic song, it’s uplifting from the get go. Led by the lead vocalist, Bill Fisher who declares “You’ll never see the day again” is that possibly a sign of what’s to come? Look at us being all Sherlocky and elusive.

We aren’t left guessing for too long when second track “Black Slug” is played – it’s pretty dark from the beginning. Talking about a black slug living “inside my mind” leaving a “trail of slime”, it’s dramatic and perfectly pulls off giving me the absolute creeps. I feel violated and a lil vulnerable. Quickly involving the audience with the turmoil, thanks to the heavy Hammond organ on the track, thanks Hammond, thanks alot. Fisher tells us “I’ll find you never you mind”… it’s like a bleddeh horror movie! It’s personal, it’s sinister and, I love it. You totally get lured in and you HAVE to listen to more.

Track three is “Movements in the Sky”, the most upbeat song on the album. It’s not as dark, well, my definition of dark being creepy black slugs. It’s a Folk track that has me “changing my mind” about how threatening this album actually is. Gentle vocals and gentler bass, I’ve decided I’m not set on world domination anymore instead I’m ready to bake cakes with GBBO’s Mary Berry.

Fourth track “Answers in Your Soul” has one of the best intros to a song I have heard in ageees. It’s peaceful, engaging and gives some American Country vibes. It bats from echoey guitar solos to dreamy vocals. This peaceful track is the rose between some very loud and proud thorny songs, and lets face it – who doesn’t love some good ol’ thorny music?

Title track “Is Satan Real?” has a gospel inspired intro and outro, get out your nun outfit cus it’s heavenly (obvs you all have a spare nun oufit… right?). Your moment is here to get on your sister act and be Whoopi in the choir until the tune slowly turns into a head banging bass guitar frenzy, and blaspheming nun you will become.

Penultimate track “Watch it Grow” sees the 70’s hippies rejoice. This is their moment, the inspiration the band take from Queen is evident. Also evident on this track is the band’s vocal talent, made clear by some operatic (well almost) level high notes.

“Evil in Your Eye” is the final burst of insanity. Announcing “I wanna take you to the ocean”… erm not sure why, but the mellow use of the electro cello makes me feel like I wanna follow them right down there to the water, it’s so creepy yet beautifully melodic at the same time. Announcing “I’m gonna push you to the edge” oh right, at the top of a mountain? I’m not sure that’s safe guys, it’s kinda like the Addams family x10.

How would I sum it all up? It’s like a perfectly mapped out story, each song is a chapter to a thought provoking, albeit sinister novel.

And I’m f*cking terrified of slugs now.

You can buy the album from their cosmic shop HERE.

Yours in Love of New Music,
Angelica Giugno x