Okay guys – this is a bit awks. In June 2014, I called RONIKA’s debut album “one of the best Pop albums ever made” (PROOF)… and this one’s even better!

Right – lets get the lame pun I’m quite proud of out of the way. Song numero uno – “Principle’ will indeed make you “lose your cool”…


OKAY. Lame puns aside, it’s true. Lead single, and proper banger – “‘Principle” has one of the funkiest little grooves we’ve ever heard. Grabs you from the second it kicks in and don’t let go till you’re shaking your sass all over the dancefloor.

Just one song later and we’re transported – slow jamz babyyyyy. “Late Night Radio” feat Swisha almost has a Luther Vandross meets 00s RnB vibe about it. Synths that were made to soundtrack those early-morning drives along Miami beaches (we all have those, right?).

Dissolve”… well, kinda does what it says on the tin. Somehow through a mix of eclectic electronic bleeps and bloops, this tune seeps into your ear drums and will leave ya feeling a little bit like you’re dissolving into thin air. Probs don’t blast this one when you’ve had one too many glasses of Vod…H20.

Title track ‘Lose my Cool’ is made to get you shaking what ya mama gave ya. A happy slick-bop. And just when you think “jeez, my feet hurt”, “Make Your Move” comes on will have ya sliding your way right back. Just no shuffling this time, yeah?

LMC is a proper eclectic album. Don’t get us wrong – this album was pretty much created to give you the best dance party of your life. But – if in your face bangers aren’t your thing, there’s plenty of straight-up ace Pop songs to soothe your catchy cravings.

We’d advise you start working on your choreography now. Ron’s returning to Bodega in June to perform these beauties for ya. Dont’ wanna let her… erm, “lose her cool’ do ya?


Yours in Love of New Music,
Sam Nahirny x

PS – Ya can buy the sexeh vinyl straight from Ron’s shop HERE, and get it on iTunes HERE