Farmyard always pull off some great Nottingham line-ups, and tonight was no different as four brilliant acts performed at the cosy Jam Cafe.

JAMES SAVARIO was first and there was a room full of people waiting to see him and his bassist play. His gentle melodies and easy-on-the-ear husky voice went hand in hand along with some Spanish vibes to his playing style. Lush! Then, without warning, a man from outside ran in to the astonishment of everyone, and started bopping as he blew full force into his harmonica, and for a while he was actually pretty good. It was nice to see James welcoming him to the set and a good deal of improvisation was had.

Next, the beautiful EMILY DAVIES kept the mood chilled and relaxed as she played some stunning Folk with just her and her acoustic guitar. The room, at this point, couldn’t have fit anymore people in and there was a great hustle bustle to the atmosphere. She sang with passion and there were elements of Laura Marling about her which I personally loved!

THE GOLDEN TROUBADOURS carried on a beautiful night with their 5 band members squished nicely in adding to that cosy feel. Parts of their sound reminded me of Hawaii with their quavering, echo-effect guitars and soft bongo-styled drums. A nice contrast was made a few songs in with maracas creating a fast tempo. Either way, I felt like I was laid on a beach it was so summery.

And finally DAVID BLAYZE and Leanne Narewski produced songs with some truly powerful chords that blew me away. Their vocals were stunning together and I would highly recommend seeing them live as they do not disappoint. They even had a loop pedal which allowed them to create a variety of different sounds at once including guitar and trumpet (I was informed David had only been playing the trumpet for 6 months but for all I had known he could’ve been playing his whole life). Brilliant, brilliant set.

Thanks Farmyard, another class gig.

Liz Riordan