We’re trying to be as open and transparent as possible about the voting and selection processes, we know how frustrating it is when brands, battle of the band organisers and media outlets just announce and/ or appoint musicians with no accountable reasoning, explanation or hint how you can get involved in the process (presently or in the future). We also feel its important for us to learn how to run things better and you to learn how to get better at entering such comps. So bare with us if this gets a tad complicated!

Having publicised the comp as much as we could (in the post Trent FM world) across our own website, LeftLion, social media and the mainstream media that would cover us (thank you Nottingham Post!) we received 103 ‘Glasto style’ registrations of interest in our Future Sound of Nottingham competition.

These were all emailed on Friday 3rd June with a reminder of the fundamental rule of this competition – listen to the New Music Podcast for the latest information.

The email data shows that of that 103:

– 53 opened the email
– 18 clicked on the link
– 1 unsubscribed!

So nearly half didn’t even bother opening the email! The reality is a spam folder may have intervened, they may not check regularly etc.

In addition as registrations had died off we didn’t think through the possibility of people still registering between Fri 3rd and 11.59pm on Sun 5th. With hindsight we missed one act registration because of this and apologise for that oversight. The fundamental rule of listening to the latest podcast still applies and if they had done so they would still have been able to enter.

In something of a bizarre near co-incidence we received 51 valid entries in the week 6/6 – 13/6, the entry process was outlined in Nusic New Music Podcast 003 which was out on Monday 6th June.

Reasons for exclusion including arriving after the deadline, not being from Notts etc

The judging was by a independent panel of three experts:

– Paul K (LeftLion Music Editor)
– Andy Wells (DHP Group)
– Mike Uwins (Confetti)

None of the actual Nusic Team were on the panel although Mark Del did Chair it in case of any disputes. Also all three judges we know well and are very supportive of what we do, we don’t wish to give the false impression they were randoms no one knew. They each represented one of of our three main supporters – Splendour, LeftLion and Confetti.

The Top Nine (according to the judges votes) were:


You can read more about the rules and judging techniques HERE.

The tenth act was a band (TASTEBUDS) which meant we only had one urban act (as defined and outlined by the RULES, judged by the Chairman) so THE AFTERDARK MOVEMENT got promoted. We then felt guilty for Tastebuds, checked with Market Square if we could fit an extra act in and they said yes.

On reflection there are quite a few lessons to be learned for us and musicians.

LESSONS LEARNED (for musicians)

– Always listen to the podcast for latest up to date info on stuff we are doing.
– More generally always pay close attention to the details, if a competition asks for entries in mp3 and you send them a cassette you’ll be chucked out!
– You’ve got to be in it to win it, urban artists have a go! Only TWO did.
– When you enter competitions make sure you regularly check your spam and junk folders.

LESSONS FOR US (first time doing this on our own…)

– If we can find the time (our team are volunteers) publish a daily update of artists who have successfully entered.
– Be very specific about entry requirements.