We’ve hit the middle of May and frankly I can’t wait for June, I mean May is great but June, isn’t that strictly classed as summer? Anyway, a whole host of live music waits for you this week lovely reader. Alt-Rock band ADELPHIA headline The Bodega on Monday, three amazing Notts artists are at the Malt Cross on Thursday and we get moshy at The Intake on Saturday.


ADELPHIA are the 5-piece, Alternative-Rock band that stormed the country with their immense vocals, thick guitar riffs and crashing drums. Back at The Bodega before another UK tour, this band of brothers (that’s what Adelphia means in Greek don’t you know) have been on Kerrang TV and played at Download Fest. A cascade of emotion, Adelphia will have you swinging from the chandelier (if The Bodega had any of course).  

Also supporting Pop-Rock band Glass Giants from South Wales and Everybody Looks Famous from Tamworth.

The Bodega
Doors: 6pm
Tickets: £7.25


Malt Cross live are serving up a delicious slice of Notts music straight to your ere’ole.

Two guitars, two voices but a whole lotta loooove, MIDNIGHT SPECIAL’s music is honest and heartfelt. Coming together to craft a beautiful mix of Folk, Country and Blues, Joe Barber and Emma Bladon are like Johnny Cash and June Carter – they just fit!

One of our most vibey Future Sessions of the year, JONNY OLLEY (damn I wish my name was that cool) has perfected the moody vocals of a ‘Cream ‘Fender-ed twenty something’. His guitar playing lets loose those funky riffs and we love his ‘Jack The Lad’ style of singing.

Accompanied by trusty guitar Earl, MELISSA DANIAL-WARD is ready to take on the world (well the Malt Cross at least). We are loving new demo ‘Stellar Umbrella’ which she describes as ‘flawed and imperfect like a bag of broken biscuits – a bit chipped and cracked but still tasting pretty darn good.’ Rich and buttery, Melissa’s voice flickers from strength to softness and shows that it’s your “imperfections” that make you glorious!

Headlining is Lauren Rycroft Band from Lincoln.

The Malt Cross
Doors; 7pm
Entry: free


One of the last shows ever for The Intake, FML Productions are saying goodbye in the only way they can, with a Rock Metal night! Yaaaaaaaaaaaargh!

Having formed at college in 2008, Mansfield’s DIRTY BEARD are still together and still making music (well done to your Sirs!). Taking influence from John Smiths and The Clutch, these guys unashamedly rock out, get drunk, rock out some more and then get drunk some more. The future is Dirty for Mansfield as long as these troops stick around.

Proving that Grunge never died, AUTOGENIC will rattle your vertebrate with their gritty riffs and power vocals. Formed in 2010, this 4-piece unshackle the rock demon from inside.

Not to be confused with the Malaysian Metalcore band Lycan, ouuuur LYCAN is from the streets of Mansfield. With a forthcoming album, these skeletal shakers ‘have more metal than your grandma’s new hip’.

Like a chocolate fondant, THE SPANGLE CORPS appear to have a spongy Alternative Punk Pop outer but once bitten into, reveal a dark and intense centre (sorry if that made you hungry). They cross multiple genres and do so with gumption.

Six-piece Metalcore band NO HONOR write with poignant lyrics – song ‘Lost Youth’ is about mental health and has seen the boys try to raise awareness of such a serious topic. They play deep, dark and damn right moshy.

I’m not going to mention JAMES DALBY’s 1.5 million hits on YouTube (shit I did it again) but anyway that doesn’t matter, what matters is his voice is like molten (if molten was a noun and not an adjective). You’re probably used to seeing James in his room from YouTube videos so take the chance while you can to see him on stage. A chilled start to what will not be a chilled night.

Also playing Outright Resistance from Stevenage, Denacious T from Peterborough and from across the Midlands A Thousand Enemies headline.

For a full line up, click HERE.

The Intake
Music from 5pm
Entry: £3 before 7pm, £4 after.

Yours in Love of New Music,
Team Nusic x