Another seven days have passed, and yet again we have another wicked week of live music on the Nottingham scene. This week sees an Acoustic lovefest, a Folky album launch and some chillout vibes to soothe ya over the weekend!


They say that Thursdays are the new Fridays and that’s certainly the case at Jam Cafe! ‘Farmyard Presents‘ are renowned for bringing us new talent, raw talent, and…well…more talent and Thursday 12th is no exception!

Kicking off the Thursday night is EMILY MARTIN, best known for her truly kick ass lead vocals in former band WE ARE AVENGERS. Our media Dad Leftlion has previously described Emily’s singing as “smouldering, torch-song vocals”, and we couldn’t agree more.

TIGER COHEN TOWELL (what a name!!) has only just popped up on our radar (big up Farmyard) and man what a talent, I mean really. There’s not many voices that make you literally swoon, so we’ll just reiterate what Farmyard said; “Tiger is 100% one to watch. Be amongst the first to discover this dazzling vocal…”

OPIE DEINO has been adorning our fair city for some time now and she keeps getting better. After meeting John Kennedy at our recent Megashop, Opie received her first XFM airplay and there’s really no wonder why. With Punky, Alternative, Folky flare she has always been one to watch.

Price: Free
Doors: 8pm


Our second gig of the week comes from the only man in Nottingham to truly pull off the flat cap look…

BRETT SINCLAIR is launching his debut album ‘Shire Caps‘ (no relation to flat caps we’re sure) on the 14th March, and by the good God of music is he doing it in style!

Shifting this big bus of musical brilliance into first gear is the reasonably new addition to the Nottingham scene: JIMMY MACK (aka James McBride). There seems to be a bit of a Blues resurgence happening in Notts at the moment with TOM MCCARTNEY, LOUIS ANTONIOU and RYAN THOMAS all smacking us in the face with them moody feels. JIMMY MACK is soon to be joining the ranks of these melancholy thespians with his fresh outlook on blues; not as gruff as the above artists but by no means lacking in soul…

A dramatic change in events as producer, LUMBA LUMBA graces the stage. Think smooth vibes, old school sounds and dance-off initiating rhythms. With beats featuring many different artists on his SoundCloud we’re excited to see what he’s gonna bring to the partaaay!

Now, if LUMBA LUMBA hasn’t got you moving your feet we can assure you that THE BREAKFAST CLUB are gonna turn you into a Dancing Queen. Immediate hits such as their single ‘Tram Conductor‘ are gonna make you laugh, groove, and possibly cry…that’s if you’re a tram conductor of course. If you’re a regular Hockley goer you will have undoubtedly heard these guys before; they smashed their Hockley Hustle performance at Pilot in 2014, and singer Daryl Ward’s recent stunt outside Game City; “Game City Give Me A Job” gave them some tasty media love.

LIAM O’KANE is a bit of a star on the Nottingham Ska/Reggae scene who is probably best known for his main role in the superb band JIMMY THE SQUIRREL. But even without the band he is an artist who captivates and gets you singing along to his catchy, well written tunes! O’Kane has started to put on successful nights at the gorgeous Malt Cross which is very exciting, but we’re very glad to see he’s still got time to make our lives that little bit better.

The penultimate act has got to be one of the busiest women in the local scene at the moment. If you haven’t seen ALEXA HAWKSWORTH playing all over the city then where have you been?! Her debut E.P is set to be released some time this year and there is certainly a tangible buzz in the air about it. Alexa’s style has changed in the last few months which is by no means a bad thing, but badger her enough and she may just play her locally famous song “Pretty Like Betty Paige“. Or she may punch you in the face. Either way, we promise Ms Hawksworth will entertain you with her bantersaurous humour and wonderful songs.

Now it’s time for the main man himself, BRETT SINCLAIR. We’ve previously described Sinclair as “jangly, yeh, jangly” but let’s face it, “jangly” doesn’t quite do this launch night justice. There’s a reason why Folk/Pop is so popular at the moment and BRETT SINCLAIR is the perfect example of why. His voice and guitar playing are the perfect end to a night, in this case it’s the perfect end to a perfect night. It takes balls to release an album independently and us NUSIC lot are confident he’s got big musical balls. We’re very eager to see what Brett pulls out of his trademark flat cap, and we’re even more eager to hear what he pulls out of his debut album ‘Shire Caps‘.

Price: £5
Doors: 7pm


‘The Sunday Chill’ at The Lacehouse sounds like it’s gonna be wonderful end of the week. The night starts off with three very new artists, FREDDIE SCOTT, XAMI & IMI and OLIVER JAMES SHAW. So new in fact that we struggled to find any information about them! So since we have no info to give, it may be a good idea for you to go check them out in person and then give us a full written review… 800 words, by Monday 8am please.

Next up is an act that we DO know! CHESHIRE AND THE CAT are ridiculously cool. Their upbeat melodies, edgy lyrics and massive band line-up really set them apart from other acts in their genre and they are an absolute must see.

GEORGE HOLROYD is smashing 2015 to pieces due to the recent release of his debut E.P ‘Peru‘. With his stunning vocal tones and rather aggressive guitar playing, George will entice your ears, and probably have you feeling a bit sorry for his hands. They bleed often ya know.

Price: £4
Doors: 6.30pm

What a week you lucky buggers!

Yours in love of new music,
Frazer Lowrie x