BABY GODZILLA were mental.

HECK, were also mental.

HAGGARD CAT, are also… mental.

Whilst you’re probs slightly less likely to break a leg at a HC gig, you will still have insane riffs, battered drums, plus Download main-stage worthy rocking out.

But does that translate on record? As HC release their debut album (on legendary Notts label Earache), it’s a good question.

Yes x 10000872.4

Whack the album on, blast those crappy Logitech speakers as loud as they’ll go, and embrace the chaos. Whether it’s opening track ‘Patriot’ that has you feeling like you’re playing guitar hero on speed, or personal highlight No.2 ‘American Graffiti’. Which has a thumping rhythm that makes ya want to punch the air every single beat (well, depending on how many pints you’ve had).

Vocalist Matt’s… well, vocal somehow continues to develop even more on this project. The screams are… fuller. The sing-y bits are, well, just perfect for the concoction of sounds around them. And he defies the laws of throat biology the way he keeps using his vocal chords after screaming non-stop.

Current single ‘Bad News (Travels Fast)’ is an interesting beast. And I mean that in the genuine interesting way, not the ‘girl doesn’t want to tell you she doesn’t like you’ kinda way. I don’t know much about music theory reader, I’ll be direct. But I think it’s intentionally slightly ofoffbeatand it shouldn’t work. But it really does. And it makes ya wanna do that classic air-guitar thrust a good guitar song does, but cos it’s offbeat you look even more of a dad dancer than normal.

I’m starting to realise a HAGGARD CAT album is basically the audio equivalent of a Davina workout DVD.

But better.

And with less lycra.

Yours in Love of New Music,
Sam Nahirny x