HECK’s debut album “Instructions” is one heck of a debut album (glad we got that one out the way). Within the first two seconds you’re thrown in at the deep end, and you’ll be swimming for a long time before you can even begin to think about reaching shallow water. Drums, vocal, guitar and all of it L O U D.

They kick things off with their latest single “Good As Dead.” The most accessible track on the album – guitarist Matt Reynolds described it as a big, hooky pop song to get us big and famous. Basically, this is as close to Paradise City as you’re going to get from us. Enjoy.” If their dance moves in the video are anything to go by, these guys definitely have what it takes to become next level superstars. That choreography man, it’s something to rival the likes of Beyonce’sSingle Ladies“.

The energy only builds from there, it’s like climbing some sort of ever-lasting energy escalator. And as soon as you think it’s about to calm down you get another punch in the face with a ton of very loud, but beautifully crafted noise.

The Great Hardcore Swindle” really gives a showcase of all the individual elements the band has to offer. The guitar, the drums, the bass and even the backing vocal get their time to shine in the song.

They may have changed their name from Baby Godzilla (damn you, Japanese film company) but that monster is definitely still present within them, kicking and screaming. And there is nothing baby-like about it.

Don’t Touch That Dial” makes you want to stay as far away from that dial as possible. But then, things slow down. You think “maybe it wouldn’t be too bad if I did touch it”. Oh wait, there’s some seriously eerie noises. Never mind, let’s not risk it.

Then “The Breakers” delivers another punch, right to the earlobe. You can see people losing limbs in a mosh to this, but, you know, enjoying it at the same time. It’s definitely one to make a live crowd go crazy.

The tenth and final track on the album is made up of three smaller tracks; “I. See The Old Lady Decently”, “II. Buried Although” and the 13 minute long “III. Amongst Those Left Are You”. The final track shows a more delicate side to the band’s sound, exhibiting the instruments and talent that the band have to offer. A side that can be hidden by the excitement of the rest of the album.

No, it may not be one for the tender ears, but “Instructions” raises the bar for Hardcore groups across the globe, let alone Notts.

You can buy the album from their online store (along with loads of other merch) – HERE.

Yours in Love of New Music,
Katie Beard x