Another Juga-naut album.

Yes, another album. 

Yes, a second in 2020. A year when some people can’t be bothered to get dressed till 4pm. And Juga is back with his second full album.

Back in 2017 (which, yes, is basically four centuries ago now), Notts’ own Juga-Naut and London’s Micall Parknsun (also known as Parky) collabed on a 6-track EP.

Well, they had such a great time – they basically got musically wed – knocked together another six – and have now given birth to their musical pandemic baby ‘Twelve Bricks’.

And let’s just say Papa Jugz knows what he’s doing.

The album is entirely produced by Parky, and written, recorded, mixed and mastered by Jugz. Acknowledging Juga is also basically NG’s Gordon Ramsay, as well as just being an all round good human, we’re surprised J isn’t Nottiingham’s president or something yet.

This record somehow manages to bounce between being super lively to tranquil in a split second, effortlessly. It manages to feel contemporary, but at the same time like something that could have come from 1978, and we love that.

The album opens with Jugz’s pitch for the NG National Anthem. The most Nottingham tune on the album – ‘Blue Notes’, It’s bold but relaxed, and let’s be honest – we bloody love a good hook about Notts. 

 ‘Gametime’ is a personal favourite of mine. Featured on the 2017 EP, the track has effortless production with some quirky panned vocals plus wise words from Juga throughout.

 ‘Gaudi-Gang’ features Vandal Savage, fellow Notts MC we are used to hearing alongside Jugz. Impeccably smooth, soulful and juicy, this track has a really chilled vibe and is executed perfectly. 

The hook for ‘Dodgy Dealings’ is mad catchy and will literally not leave my brain and I have been finding it hard not to sing it round the house. The verses in this track are really well written and they flow so well. 

‘The Juice’ is another catchy tune – noticing a trend here? Maybe this is some deep subsconscious reference to the 2020 landscape focussed on ‘catchy’ viruses? No? Probs not.  Featuring NG legend Scorzayzee as well as Tommy Nova. Dreamy and smooth. This track feels like an indulgent bar of Galaxy Caramel on a dark night. Mmm. 

This album brings it all, but we would expect nothing less from Jugz.

Yours in Love of New Music,
Katie Lyle x