If you feel like your Chakras need realigning, then worry no more cos Producer/Singer/Songwriter TREKKAH has got you sorted with his fourteen track debut album “The Enlightening”. Each song is conceptualised to the seven Chakras with one female and male song; here is how my mind and body coped with this epic spiritual musical listening…

First single, and first track on the album is “Slowly Fading” ft LOWRIE which is all about our Root Chakra. Opening with slow echoey vocals and a slow vibesy Electro beat, the track showcases LOWRIE’s extremely haunting vocals “I’m trapped in a cage that I built to protect myself, I’m uncomfortable around the people I love … I really need somebody to defend me” – deep and moving the songs puts ya in a slow, but dancey sorta trance.

Track two is the earthy feminine side of the Root Chakra “Chasing the Flame” ft FIRENZA. Lauren sings soothingly on the track that “love is the key” over a company of wind instruments, the flute telling a story on it’s own. It kinda takes me to a forest where the birds would be singing along. Also – can we just point out how great it is to hear new music from FIRENZA?

Moving on to the Sacral Chakra with the third and fourth tracks, “Stereo” featuring BUD’s bright and dreamy vocals “How can I put my faith in something new, just like you? Cos I keep falling in and out of love, keeping falling out of touch” T has managed to showcase BUD’s voice as the rare soulful gem it is whilst also accompanying her with an awesome instrumental backing.

“Step Outside” ft JACOB STATON is track numero quattro. It’s the most upbeat track on the album so far but it’s still got me reflecting on my life. Guitar strumming greatness is paired with some super catchy lyrics “I gotta break free from this, I gotta stand on my own two feet for this”. This song will have you packing ya bags and moving out of your mum’s crib.

“Eyes of Content” is track eleven, celebrating growth and completion, BRU-C spits some intense bars – “No more looking back at this doubt, instead my reflection is loud, I look in the mirror and man I feel proud, yeah I’m content” – it’s obvious with this track TREKKAH wanted to show a roundup of the emotions, a “look how far you’ve come” sorta vibe. And he does it very well.

If a title of a song ever perfectly summed up its vibe in just one word it would be “Jazz” ft MINA MINNAI. It does exactly what it says on the tin – a smooth sax intro glides into a slick beat, topped with celestial vocals throughout.

The Crown Chakra is taken on in “Watch the King”, which takes on a sweet, Gospel/Reggae lyrical feel with the help of PERCYDREAD – “Thank you for your loving, thank you for your grace, thank you for my smile you put on my face” and an enchanting ethereal beat.

TREKKAH perfectly walks us through his vision of spiritually. Whilst also taking your emotions on one hell of a ride too. The album’s a game changer – it’s deep and meaningful and I defo wanna learn how to play the sitar, sax and flute now.

You can buy the physical album tonight, at the Rough Trade launch party. Digital versions to follow shortly.

Yours in Love of New Music,
Angelica Giugno x