Long time no see Comrades! We’ve missed you, have you missed us? What? Oh ok we’ll move on…

Five weeks ago we waved goodbye to Notts Unsigned and with it, a three year history of supporting some of the finest Notts musicians to have walked the market square.

The reaction from you to this sad news was amazing. Over one weekend NUSIC was born (technically reborn as it was a Nottingham only student radio show back in 2007). You rescued us from the Upper Parliament Street job centre, hooked us up on a date with Left Lion and before you can say ‘Splendour can you sponsor us please?’ we had a new set-up in place.

Big thank you to Jared, Nish, Alan and everyone at Left Lion that have made us feel so welcome as part of the LL family. The Lion are our new ‘media-daddy’ helping us get the word out there and telling us off when we’ve been naughty.

Equally big props to George and everyone at Splendour for helping get us up and running in the post-Notts Unsigned world – not to mention for listening to our stalking (sorry we mean ‘thought-through’ analysis) and giving us that Splendour main stage slot for a Nottingham act.

Oh yes…that’s why you’re here. You want to know about the competition? Well, ya better download the podcast then my friend…


Yours in Love of New Music

PS We know not everything is working yet on the site but its gone 5am, its daylight outside and we’re about to collapse. We’ll be back on the case when we wake up.