What’s the musical equivalent of Quantum Physics? Whatever it is HHYMN last night smashed it to pieces with an intensity that would do the Hadron Collider proud. How can you “sell- out” a free gig?! I’m still pondering that particular mind f%$k whilst simultaneously trying to get my head round string theory. HHYMN managed it though (unless I’d slipped in to some alternative dimension). The Malt Cross was buzzing with peeps queuing out the door as last night realised the promoters wet dream that is a “one-in-one-out” scenario.

It all helped make for an even greater gig. Three hundred odd New Music Lovers experiencing that ‘phew-I-got-in’ sensation adding a couple of extra volts to the electricity already in the air. And then HHYMN go and absolutely nail it. At one point it felt more like worship of a band rather than a humble gig, in part thanks to the raised performing position at Malt Cross which has you looking up at the band and in need of a strong throwing arm to propel your bra at your new musical heros.

All in all a stellar performance of debut album ‘In The Depths’. The energy emanating out of drummer Mike Wynne was particularly hypnotising. The album is available to buy now and you can hear a track off it on the current Nusic New Music Podcast. Which also contains details on our Splendour competition. Last night showed why Hhymn are one of the bookmaker’s favourites to win that main stage slot.

BUY ALBUM: http://www.facebook.com/hhymn?sk=wall

PODCAST: http://www.nusic.org.uk/wordpress/?cat=12


PS Breaking News the band are on the front page of myspace!