Ey up,

Our next Nusic Academy Workshop, supported by  PRS Foundation’s Talent Development Partner Network, is all about Releasing Music – and it includes speakers that have done just that. Many times.

WORKSHOP – You know what these are: several music industry experts share their advice and wisdom, you take a seat and soak it all up. Mostly led by your questions, the Workshop sees industry professionals share all their wisdom, and you get the chance to speak to ’em afterwards. The speakers for this Workshop are…

CLAIRE COSTER – As Atlantic Records Senior Publicity Officer, Claire has looked after press for some huge artists such as Skrillex, Clean Bandit and Charli XCX. She also works on the press for Atlantic’s new signings. Claire’s been in the industry for eight years, been featured in MusicWeek’s ’30 under 30’, and now she’ll be sharing her wisdom with ya at the Workshop.

– MATT NEWNHAM – Matt has twenty years experience independently releasing records by bands he loves, several of whom have gone on to be loved by lots of other people. He founded Gringo Records in 1997 and has built it into one of the UK’s most respected DIY labels.

WILL ROBINSON – From the Indie perspective, Will shall be sharing his experience on releasing music and publishing music. Founder of I’m Not From London, Will has over a decade of experience across the genres plus connections all across the world, from L.A to Cannes!

Come the end of the Workshop, there will be one of our famous Spread The Love sessions. Which is basically like speed-dating for musicians. You put your hand up and say you need something (new band member, producer, manager, video director etc etc) and then, the peeps that do what you need raise there hands. Then you make beautiful (metaphorical) musical babies.

MUSICIANS ADVICE FAIR – A freshers fair, for musicians. There’ll be loads of musician helping entities setting up stall before and after the workshop. You can go up to ’em, find out what they’re about, have a bit of a chat, and hopefully walk away with plenty of wisdom and knowledge of what you’re gonna do when you get home.

Entities confirmed so far: DHP Local Team, Nottingham Music Hub, Nusic, PRS for Music, PRS for Music Foundation, Rough Trade, YMCA + more.

As with all Nusic Academy events, it is entirely open to the public! Yup, you, your sister, your bandmate, your pet hamster (okay, maybe not your pet hamster), you get the picture. Loads of free music advice, for free. Did we mention it’s free?

Make sure you hop on the Eventbrite ASAP to get your tickets. This is all part of the Academy part of Nusic. Previous workshop videos and resources can be found HERE.

And spread the love. Get your musician mates down too. It’s the kind of love spreading your mates will actually appreciate.


Yours in Love of New Music,
Team Nusic x