To celebrate the release of her debut album “No Romeo”, we spent a day filming INDIANA live at the Notts TV studios and around Nottingham. We stopped off at several places in Notts that have played a part in her evolution as an artist, from Wollaton Hall to Suede Bar and Market Square. The version of ‘Blind As I Am’ that we captured is absolutely stunning.

Her debut album “No Romeo” has a new release date, and will now officially be released on Monday 26th January 2015. It will be available from local record shops around Nottingham, and of course across the UK and the world! Pre-order it HERE

You can see all the pieces in our ‘Nusic Presents‘ series HERE.

Nusic Presents‘ is a series of videos where we catch up with a Nottingham artist about to release their debut professional album, and invite them to tell their story plus perform a track in a unique location. You can read more details in our FAQs HERE.