G’day Comrades.

We’ve got another three gigs this week you must get down to. And all by three top notch promoters.

First up we have Acoustickle at The Maze on Monday (13th).

Young raw talent PAIGE ELIZABETH GUY will bring her stunning vocals and gentle guitar to the set. You’ll be amazed by how good she is for her age. But like how we felt when we first saw Jake Bugg.

THE MONEY‘s guitarist JAMES BUCKLEY will be playing. He doesn’t have a page, but you just know being in one of Nottingham’s finest bands he’s gonna be good.

ELENA HARGREAVES hits all the right notes, even ones that seem impossibly high for me and you.

BECKY LOVATT will play some beautiful Folk Acoustic to keep the theme of the night running.

Doors: 7.30pm
Tickets: £3

Next Notts In A Nutshell brings you an all Nottingham line-up on Tuesday (14th) at The Maze.

First COSTUME SHOP will play an Indie set and with influences of The Libertines and Oasis you know you’re in for a treat.

Next, CUT THE HEROICS will play some Alternative/Pop Punk to liven things up.

EARLY TO THE VINEYARD have a nice, mellow feel to their music and will play soft, gentle tunes that are easy on the ear.

And finally THE PULPITS will carry on the Rock vibes with their Punk sound.

Doors: 7.30pm
Tickets: £3

And finally Farmyard will provide an evening of entertainment at Jam Cafe on Friday (17th).

WILL JEFFERY and his very own THE MONTAGUE GRIZZLY QUARTET will play some storytelling mature Acoustic, the type that could fit in well around a camp fire.

And PRINTS IN THE SNOW will play some warm, Folk and beautiful Acoustic, sounds that were made for Jam Cafe.

Doors: 8pm
Tickets: FREE!

Yours in love of New Music
Liz Riordan

PS There is something special going on in the world of Confetti this Thursday, its their annual showcase. Still awaiting more deets, will share with you soon as!