13/02/14 11:30AM: SABAR SOUNDSYSTEM were known as BASSTONE SLAP at the time this article went live. Due to a request from the band, the article has been updated with their new name.


Double Wowzer.

What a musical phenomena SABAR SOUNDSYSTEM are. You know when you walk into a bar and see the hottest human you have ever set eyes on? Well my ears felt like that. As for my gut? It was running over to the stage to get down on one knee and propose to the amazing bass emanating from the extensive range of percussion being beaten into submission by SABAR SOUNDSYSTEM.

They are simply amazing. A visual as well as aural treat. Such great energy from the stage, all you can do is metaphorically role over (like a dog having its tummy tickled), submit to the beat and dance your arse off.