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SPREAD THE LOVE is back for 2016!

The idea of our annual FSN SPREADTHELOVE is to reach out and spread good vibes about other artists for no reason other than a genuine love of what they do… okay, maybe there is one other reason.

The artist that spreads the most love will win an automatic place in the Future Sound of Nottingham Semi Finals, securing the incredible opportunity to play the main stage at Rock City.. oh yeah, and the champ has the small pleasure of playing Splendour too. No biggie.

The Deadline is 1pm 6th April, the champ will be announced on the New Music Podcast on Monday 11th April, so get Spreading The Love now!


– Tag us @FeelTheNusic so we can see and count your LOVE SPREAD. This is about love spreading, not us, so you do not have to tag us, but it does increase the chances of us seeing your tweet and therefore being able to count it.
– Use at least one of the hashtags #SpreadTheLove.
– LOVE SPREADING means it must be about someone else not you, this is not about self loving!
– We suggest you tag the other artist so they can see you being lovely about them, this often starts off a positive chain reaction of LOVE SPREADING.
– Please honour the spirit of STL, if you LOVESPREAD ‘some one else’ who we know you actually manage, sleep with etc this may not be counted. The idea of #SpreadTheLove is to reach and spread good vibes about other artists because they inspire you and you love what they do, not cause it fulfills a self-interest.
– Repeating the same LOVESPREAD does not count.
– Only the initial LOVESPREAD counts as a LOVESPREAD, for example if on Twitter a conversation develops this is great and is good for both artists virally but it does not count as further LOVE SPREADING points.


– No limit on how many times you Spread The Love.
– LOVE SPREADING about covers will not count, we are focused on encouraging original song writing.
– During ‘STL season’ we will normally get too many tweets for us to retweet them all (as is our usual STL tweet policy the other 50 weeks of the year), therefore we’ll normally retweet the first STL tweet from an artist, and from that point on RT all other STL’s from our Nusic Apprentice Twitter (@NusicApprentice)
– We’ll operate this just like a professional broadcaster would so no members of the Nusic team or their family can win, they’re obviously welcome to Spread The Love!
– Please remember the spirit here; we’re trying to help our musicians, giving them much deserved exposure for being awesome. Apologies if this makes you wanna vom.

Yours in Love of New Music,
Team Nusic x

Nusic 2021