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NUSIC CO-OPerative

The NUSIC CO_OPERATIVE will be, we hope, reinvigorated in 2017.

The NUSICAL Co-Operative aims to “help Nottingham’s musicians achieve their dreams for less”.


NUSIC’s mission is to help a Nottinghamshire artist to Number One. The key word there is help. We are here to help, support and maybe even inspire local musicians to push on, in the chasing of their musical dreams.


The major way we have done (and continue to do) this is by creating awareness of your efforts via media channels dedicated exclusively to the Great County’s musicians, people like you. We also share all the progress we are aware of and any contacts made.

We want to house our PRESS CONTACTS and SUCCESS BOARD here, they were housed on our facebook group and then page before fb in their infinite wisdom took this functionality away, nice one Zuckerburg!


All the media contacts we have both in Nottingham and further afield will be shared here for everyone, none of that classic nepotistic local media just helping their mates malarky.


Every time we hear of significant Nottingham musical success we’ll share it here, for now read all the latest GOOD VIBES here.

But we also do a lot more:

We lobby major players in the local music and media to support the local music scene. That’s how we got Trent FM to back Notts Unsigned (RIP) before Trent itself died. That’s why there are more Nottingham acts than ever at Splendour this year.


We do events in local schools. We talk about living the dream as musicians as a catalyst to get students thinking about their dreams, be that to play Splendour, score a six at Trent Bridge or giving an Aspley granny a heart opp at QMC.


We host workshops and seminars based around the music industry issues you tell us you find most challenging, featuring the speakers you tell us you want to hear from (and give you the chance to connect with them on the night).


– VIDEO from ‘How to get GIGS
– Find out about the last workshop ‘How To Build A FanbaseHERE
– Find out about next workshop on Music and Money

– The Perfect Demo Workshop on Tue 6th March 2012 at Antenna – Tips, insights and contacts on how to make The Perfect Demo, check out the fb event HERE. Watch the HIGHLIGHTS video HERE.

Further to our own media activities and aforementioned lobbying we share all contacts we make in the media further afield with you for you to hustle yourself directly.


Press LINKS – Notts and further afield:


In the Notts Unsigned days we had to keep the activities of NU and our ‘We Want To See A Nottinghamshire Artists Get To Number One’ campaign separate. This is no longer the case, which means we can do more.


Having identified some of the key challenges of starting as a musician we are currently sourcing special offers to let you get that logo, website and video at a price that’s actually viable if you’re not a lottery winner or Bill Gate’s darling daughter.


Our mission is to get you the best possible help at the cheapest possible price, if you know anyone who can ‘beat’ the below offers please get in contact.


SPECIAL NUSIC OFFERS (in development):


BULK BUYING – Email us at nusic@leftlion.co.uk with subject title ‘BULK‘ if you wish to purchase large numbers of cd’s, t-shirts etc If anyone else contacts us that month we’ll hook you up and you can try and get a bulk discount together.

FREE RECORDING STUDIO TIME! – Confetti’s Electric Mayhem studios are offering you the chance to record your songs for free! Click HERE.


FREE REHEARSAL SPACE!CRS Studios are offering you the chance to rehearse for free! Click HERE.


PHOTOGRAPHY Onehaus Collective have a very special bespoke professional photo shoot deal for solo artists and bands, click HERE for details.


LOGO Adaption Graphics will make you a professional logo for just £50! Click HERE for more details.


PUBLICITY LeftLion are offering a very special advertising discount (FIFTY PERCENT!) to unsigned Nottingham musicians (you will be ask to prove this),  email ben@leftlion.co.uk quoting ‘NUSIC Discount’, broad advertising info available HERE.


MASSIVELY DISCOUNTED BRANDING – long term Nusic supporters Fastgraphics have some cracking branding offers, for example they’ll brand you drumkit for £7! Click for all the offers HERE.


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