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We try our best to reflect what we do ‘in-front-of-the-mic’ also ‘behind-the-mic’. This means offering opportunities for aspirational broadcasters, journalists, event managers, film-makers, photographers, sound engineers and more. As with musicians our focus (though not exclusively) is on individuals under 25 looking for their first type of experience in these areas, more often than not (though again not exclusively) these are students. That said our volunteers are vital in enabling us to do what we do, if you’re over 25 and looking for a fulfilling volunteering placement we’d be really up for hearing from you. We’re especially keen to hear from experienced writers, sound engineers and camera peeps who would be interested in ‘giving back’ and doing some mentoring. Whatever your age, whatever your job status if you’re up for helping the Nottingham music scene then we’re up for nattering.

The ‘Nusic experience’ is real world actually doing stuff experience. We are not talking making the tea and doing the photocopying (although there is some of that too), we are talking getting involved, having real responsibilities and making things happen. You will work very hard, learn lots and have plenty of fun but we must reemphasise the first point, our placements are hard work, if you’re applying with the idea of blagging some free guest lists and not doing very much, please don’t bother, we’ve got a good Blag-A-Dar.


For all the below you will need your own laptop as we do not have funding for our own computers. FYI we do not currently have any specific Notts TV related work experience opportunities but most of the below will bring you into contact with the work we do with Notts TV.

‘The Nusic All Dayer’: One-off one day experience with the Nusic team where you get a feel for all that we do (always Thursday daytime). You’ll do research on the Top 3 Gigs, lots of social media ninjaing on whatever we are promoting that week, content analysing whatever we’ve made that week, maybe some writing and whatever else is needed on the day – working on podcasts, sessions and advice vids.

The NAD is open to any Nottinghamshire resident aged over 16.

The Nusic All Dayer is the entry level for getting involved with Nusic, we rarely recruit anyone to the team who’s not done one. To apply email nusic@leftlion.co.uk with your CV, 50 words on your love of the Notts Music Scene and 50 words on your love of pancakes.

‘Junior Nusic Internship’: Three month placement requiring every Thursday (11-7) and session filming every second Thursday evening (6 – 10 ish). You’ll get involved in everything we do from writing and events to radio and tv.

‘Senior Nusic Internship’: If you have made a great impact as a JNI you may be offered the chance to come back for Six months and undertake the Nusic SBI.

‘Writer Internship’: A six month placement writing our weekly Top Three feature, weekly reviews and monthly features such as Artist of the Month.

‘Graphic Design Internship’: A six month placement that does what it says on the tin.

‘Audio Internship’: As part of their support of Nusic this internship is currently open exclusively to Confetti students. Audio Producer of the New Music Podcast making sure it sounds as tight, slick and professional as possible.

‘Video Internship’: As part of their support of Nusic this internship is currently open exclusively to Confetti students. Director and Editor of all filmed sessions making sure they look as tight, slick and professional as possible.

‘Sound Engineering Internship’: As part of their support of Nusic this internship is currently open exclusively to Confetti students. Sound engineering all our filmed sessions making sure they look sound as professional as possible.

Our work experience opportunities are aimed at under 25s, for those above 25 we do have – Mentoring: You are experienced in a certain field and want to give back some support to the next generation. Email nusic@leftlion.co.uk with the subject title ‘Mentoring’.


Our interns have an amazing ‘post placement success rate’, including securing jobs at Daybreak and Radio One. We’ll be developing this section further, sharing testimonials from previous interns:

VALENTINE DE BENEDETTI – “Working at Nusic for almost six months was a great experience to get started in the industry. It taught me the importance of being precise while doing any kind of research and also showed me the importance of networking with people in the industry and the beneficial impacts of doing so. I also enjoyed taking part in the Workshop and helping the Nusic crew organise it and making sure it goes smoothly on the big day. The internship also helped me to understand exactly what it is I want to do in the future which was very helpful as I had just graduated from university and was a bit lost regarding which direction I was headed. Thanks Mark and Sam for making me part of the team!”

ROB LEEDELL – “Nusic has by far been one of the best experiences I’ve had in my short time in the music industry. It enhanced my uni experience no end, by giving me wider context to my course and opportunities I wouldn’t have been able to have otherwise”

KATIE BEARD – “My nine-month internship at Nusic have been some of the best months of my life. Not only has it been so much fun, I have learnt so many skills, met amazing people and have started to create the foundations on which I can start my career. I went into my internship set on becoming a Music Journalist; I have since developed my writing hugely through writing the Top 3 each week, alongside reviews and interviews. Seeing the podcasts being made and watching the production of Noise Floor episodes have also given me a better understanding of Radio and Television. However, my internship has also shown me careers I hadn’t before considered, from organising events to working with artists. So, if you want to get involved in the music industry, or just find out more about the Nottingham music scene, then you can’t find a better place to start than Nusic. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done.”

SAM NAHIRNY – “Joining Team Nusic was the best decision of my life. And, I’m confident I’ll still be saying that in 20 years time. When I joined Nusic as an apprentice, I knew that I wanted to work in music as it was something I always loved, but had no idea how to get into it. I knew how to write words on a page, but that was about it. Nusic allowed me to try out so many different things on the creative spectrum, all under the music umbrella. And now, three years later, has helped me develop into a confident, capable, creative human being who knows exactly what he wants to do. And that’s all thanks to the skills learnt via Nusic, the satisfaction and motivation received from working on such a motivational project. And the mentorship of Mark Del. Before working with Nusic, my life plan was to move to London in my early twenties. Mainstream media and crappy teachers had brainwashed me into thinking it was the only way to get a job that I loved in the UK. How wrong I (and they) were. Working with Nusic allowed me to find my dream job, 20 mins down the road from where I grew up. It made me love Nottingham, which, despite living here for 20 years, I never had done before. Through Nusic I got experience in event management, podcast and session video creation, to work on festivals, a proper music telly show, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The video creation is perhaps the most important, as it helped me realise how much I loved it – which now has become a primary part of my freelance income. I would not have pursued that if it wasn’t’ for Nusic. I’ll close this with my opening line, because it’s not hyperbole, it’s just the truth. Joining Team Nusic was the best decision of my life, and I’m confident I’ll be saying that in 20 years time.”

EMILY ROSE MALONE   “I spent six months as a writing intern creasing up at Sam and Mark’s elderly-couple style bickering, and was rewarded with some incredibly beneficial mentoring and a shit-tonne of fun memories. My role was to write the weekly top three gig guide, interviews, and reviews of events. Being an introverted writer-type of gal, I was a little nervous at first, but they were so welcoming and supportive. I got to hang out with two lovely guys that are passionate about what they do, meet so many talented musicians, and as a bonus it was such a fantastic way to get the insight and writing experience I needed to help with my career goals. I then went on to find an amazing job as a content executive and copywriter at an agency that told me they were impressed with what they’d read. I’m tellin’ ya, that was really damn cool to hear. Being a part of the Nusic family is without a doubt something I’d recommend to anyone desperately searching this bleak briefcase-ridden world for a creative career. So just do it already. Peace out, bitches.”

BEN WILLIAMSON – “What to say about Nusic?! They have given me the opportunity to make hundreds of connections which has led me to landing my dream job as a Live Sound Engineer for the biggest Nottingham Venues (DHP). Without Nusic I would never have met the amazing and talented people that I have. Working with Nusic hasn’t only given me opportunities, but has fine tuned all of my skills from being a sound engineer, to networking and managing Musicians! Mark leads a great team and although sometimes it’s tough work, the experience and knowledge I have gained has been more than worth it!”

LIZ RIORDAN – “Nusic is hands down the best work experience I have ever had. For one, I wasn’t just sat there doing nothing, I actually got stuck in and thrown in at the deep end which has taught me a great deal and developed me as a person. I’ll be forever grateful for that. Doing an internship doesn’t just mean you only do what the team need you to do (although of course that is essential), you also get the chance to try out a bit of everything and find out what you enjoy doing the most. An example of this is when I wanted experience in events management, so from this desire I was then given the opportunity of organising The Future Sound of Nottingham competition and working with venues such as The Market Square and Rock City to make it happen, not to mention brushing shoulders with some of the most important events people in Nottingham. The best thing that has come through my Nusic internship though, is the fact that I’ve just been offered an internship with a leading music PR company and that was through meeting and working with people in Nusic. It doesn’t get much better than that. If you’re sat there thinking “should I do it?” and you’ve got a burning passion for music and it’s all you want to do with your life then the answer is: WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? I promise you will not regret.”

ANDY HAVARD – “Through my 8 months at NU I was given the chance to work with the exceptional individuals who make the Nottinghamshire music scene happen. The connections I made over my time at NU not only brought me closer to the Notts music scene, but they helped to open up a whole world of media opportunities that secured me my first full-time job right here in Nottingham.”

FAOLAN JONES – “Notts unsigned/Nusic introduced me to the world of nottinghams musical talent. Being new to nottingham, I wasn’t aware of what a great music scene there was here. When I was asked to help film a NU session with an artist called 2tone, this triggered a chain reaction which has lead to work for sony, bbc, itv as well as many other amazing nottingham artists.”

TOM HADFIELD – “I worked at Nusic for 9 months during my third year of University and without a doubt learnt more in those few months than I did throughout the whole 3 years I was at Uni. Not only did it confirm to me what I truly want to do in life (work in music) but it gave me the confidence to believe that I could actually achieve the ambition. Nusic opened so many doors for me and introduced me to a lot of inspirational, important individuals in the Nottingham music scene, which consequently got me the position of Deputy Music Editor at LeftLion. I learnt countless skills not just associated with journalism but skills that will help anyone in any walk of life. I loved (almost) every second of it from putting on gigs at Rock City, to presenting videos at Splendour Festival and organising sessions with live bands. I feel privileged to have been at the centre of our scene at such an exciting time for Nottingham music. If you are unsure whether to apply for work experience then JUST DO IT. Best decision I ever made.”

LESLEY ELLIOTT – “The great thing about work experience is it gives you the chance to make mistakes and learn from them before the big day when your working in industry and would probably get fired for that little misdemeanour. The opportunity to work at Nusic has not only improved by career prospects by boosting my cv with really exciting projects but also given me a gateway to network with local and national industry professionals with clients, from the local promoter to some as huge as Atlantic Records. Oh and the small matter of the company who went on to give me my first post Uni job! The work I have completed at Nusic as a Director/Editor has given me some very memorable experiences from playing busy bees in the garden of Rob’s (Dog is Dead) mums house while she cooked us all chilli after a days filming with the band to working behind the main stages at Splendour interviewing all the talent. With Mark at the forefront of the Nusic force he has been a great mentor and constant source of industry knowledge to which even now, a year later from completing my internship is still being bombarded with my incessant questions.”

ASHLEIGH BOSSMAN – “My time as a Senior Intern has been an incredible learning experience. I joined Nusic with the intention of gaining experience in my passion for Music and Film and I can honestly say that I’ve learnt more working for Nusic than I have in my 2 years of studying a Media Production degree.
The support and mentoring that you get along the way is fantastic and Mark (founder) has pushed me to constantly improve in everything I do. Nusic has opened my eyes to areas of the creative industry I hadn’t considered (such as Events Management, Presenting and Music Journalism) and through experience I now know my strengths and skills.
I thoroughly enjoyed helping event manage The Future Sound of Nottingham Competition 2013 at Rock City and working Splendour Festival. I have made some valuable contacts through Nusic and deepened my knowledge on social media. I couldn’t have asked for a better first time placement. Will miss ya Nusic Family.”

STEPHANIE HARGREAVES –  “My experience as a senior broadcasting intern at Nusic has been awesome.
I originally studied Music at University and when finishing my studies I wanted to know more about the local music scene. Working with Nusic gave me some amazing opportunities to meet industry professionals, write reviews, organise live sessions with great talent, plus attend sell out, history making gigs. It doesn’t get much more epic then that! I truly can say, I have gotten so much out of my experience of working with Nusic from great mentoring to learning on the job. The experience helped me to develop my skill base, from review writing, time management and all this whilst building my knowledge of the media side to Music Industry. Of course I have made some mistakes along the way, but I have learnt from them and the new skills I have acquired have been transferable for me as a professional musician and businesswoman. If your reading my review now… what’s the worst that can happen? You have an incredible time, experience some exciting opportunities and learn valuable life skills, that should be your decision made DO IT!”


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