YOUR chance to learn about two things that could make you mega-successful and mega-rich. Or just help get your music out to loads more people. Probs both.
In person. With actual networking. And a bar. Mad.
Hosted by Metronome. Ty for helping make this happen.
We know you’ve probs forgot how these work considering it feels like the last in person one was 1997 (it was last year), but here’s the gist.
Your chance, to learn (for free) about shit that can really help you make a living as a musician. Plus meet loads of people that can help you too
– What is it?
The Workshop will take its usual public Q&A format aiming to help Nottingham musicians acquire the knowledge and skills they need to get to wherever they want to go with their music. The Workshop will focus on why you should be using Tik Tok, and strategies for that. Plus conversation about NFTs – and why they’re incredibly exciting for musicians – both for making money, and taking ownership.
– Do I need a ticket?
Yes. A free one (which if you look at the top of this page you can get). You won’t be allowed in without a ticket – this is to help manage capacity, as with a free event ya never know how many people will actually turn up.
– When Does it Start?
Doors are 515pm. Advice Fair starts then. Tik Tok & NFT panel starts 6pm.
– Why should I care?
Assuming you want to make a living from your music – this Workshop will tell you how you can use tools that are free to you – to increase the chances of that happening.
– What about the usual Spread the Love // put my hand up and say HALLO bit?
Yup – at the end any musician can share what they’re looking for – whether it’s a bassist, a photographer, or the meaning of life. We’ll even give you a countdown clock. Oooh.
– Where can I get more music education shizz for free?
Follow our Instagram @FeelTheNusic – where we’ll always be posting new music advice clips, breaking news, plus opportunities for Notts musicians.
Big love to all of our supporters for helping make these Workshops happen.