As another week approaches, there are yet another three amazing local lineups awaiting you. And talk about divsersity – from a killer Hip-Hop lovefest, to an established charity festival, and a headline Pop-Punk show!


MeWeZen are putting on a showcase of Nottingham’s finest positive Hip-Hop talent at Rough Trade this Friday. Yup, positive Hip-Hop- offering an alternative to some of the negative mainstream stereotypes of the genre, this night is dedicated to those MC’s whose message is uplifting.

Kicking off at 7pm and running all the way through ‘til 11pm, there’s a huge amount of talent to behold here. The one thing bringing all these peeps together is the positivity of their message, but their styles, from their flow, to their song structure varies massively, so you’re in for quite a treat.

KC DA ROOKEE will be headlining the night alongside 14, yup, you read that right – 14 Nottingham MC’s! Talk about getting your money’s worth!.. Actually, oh yeah, it’s free. FREE. You have no bloody excuse not to indulge in this Hip-Hop banquet now.

Check the full lineup HERE.

Rough Trade
Friday 14th August
Doors: 7PM


Founded in 2009, HELLO TOMORROW are a four piece pop punk band with influences spanning All Time Low, Paramore, Green Day, and You Me at Six. Last year they won a Young Creative Awards and played their anthemic Pop-Punk at the Royal Concert Hall, and now they’re headlining The Bodega on their ‘Back to the Futour’ …tour. I see what they did there. These chaps will provide clever, memorable choruses and upbeat melodies which are guaranteed to have you jumping and flailing about in no time!

West Bridgford boys FALL OF BASTILLE will be opening the night up with their progressive Alt-Rock that is bound to leave a smile on your face. Why? Because, for young guys they’ve already got a stellar sound that many bands spend years finding! If you listened to them with your eyes closed, you’d probably think they’d been doing this for a decade.

It’s been announced that RESTROOMS will be performing on this night as well. These guys are a four-piece Pop Punk/ Rock ‘n’ Roll band AND a bunch of pioneering fashionistas – a picture recently depicted Jake the guitarist rocking up to their band practice in crocs, swim shorts and a slayer t-shirt. G’warn Gok Wan! Their debut EP titled ‘Eternal Bummer’ not only has a great title, but it’s also an absolute belter.

The Bodega
Saturday 15th August
Doors: 7PM


If the above didn’t take yer fancy, we’ve got a mini festival for you. Okay, it’s not that mini. It’s actually one of Nottingham’s biggest and best live band benefit festivals, which is consistently brought to you every year by the fabulous people at I’m Not From London and Audacious Face, ‘cause they’re a bit nice.

Expect THREE stages of the best acts from Nottingham and beyond from 1pm – 2am. I’m going to write about each headliner for you, just because the sheer amount of beautiful Nottingham mugs gracing this event’s stages is frankly too much for my tiny excited brain to handle.

Oh, by the way, it’s their fifth birthday! So, in true five-year old character they are demanding that we all dress fancy. Anything that’s over the top and fun/ridiculous. Since Waterfront Festival started, they’ve raised over £13,000 for Nottingham charities, and this year they want to go all out. The charity will be Wolfson Cystic Fibrosis Centre, and big prizes will be won for the most outrageous costume.

The Leftlion Stage – Downstairs

GREY HAIRS spawn snarling, punky energy that’s infused with the grunge spirit of the 1993 US underground movement. Every song is bursting with guitars, and the vocals are raw and loud, with lyrics reminiscent of the gloriously frustrated words spat from SLEAFORD MODS. Beautifully drenched in noise, their live performance contains some astounding songs that contain big, catchy hooks and euphoric punchy lines.

The Castle Rock Stage – Upstairs

BENDIGO BAND are an 11-piece live dance band based in Nottingham. These guys forge an innovative electronic sound that’s imbued with big brass, fat bass lines, expert vocals, breaks and bleeps, alongside some exotic influences from all over the world. The artists involved are incredibly diverse and established and they’re definitely an interesting bunch, get ready for an ear-gasm of musical mixes spanning from Jungle, to Reggae to Drum ‘n’ Bass. That’s just a few of the genres…

Under The Tree Stage – Outside

Headlining this stage we have Nottingham’s very own masters of Blues, 94 GUNSHIPS, whom, fresh off the release of their “Dead Bees” EP have absolutely loads of excellent songs that’ll summon some foot stomping and singalongs. The catchy lyrics will be buzzing round your head for ages. I’m still randomly blurting out “DIG A HOLE, FILL IT IN, DIG ANOTHER ONE” in a husky southern American accent from time to time. Boyfriend is not happy.

P.S. Unless you’ve been living in the caves for the past five years, you’ll know that this event always sells out, so get your tickets immediately to avoid being an idiot.

Canalhouse Bar
Saturday 15th August
Doors: 1PM

Yours in Love of New Music,
Emily Rose Malone/Sam Nahirny x

P.P.S KAGOULE are playing Rough Trade next week – and it’s bound to be a wicked show. But as it’s not an official album lanunch, and you have to buy the album to get in, it just missed being a T3 gig.