IVORYSERFS. Photo Credit: Julian Hughes

Autumn may be on its way, and the leaves might be going brown soon, but the music is not, it’s staying pretty damn hot in Hoodtown, and not at all feces looking.

This week is jam-packed and see’s a charity fundraiser bash, an agency launch party (yup!) and The Great Notts Show 2016 all in one week. So basically there’s something for every man and his/her dog, so you’re gonna be pretty busy.


This weekend sees the return of The Great Notts show in the Old Market Square. There’s some cracking line ups courtest of I’m Not From London, and they’re spread across four whole days! So, here’s a little glimpse at the Notts headliners of each…

Thursdays headline act is IVORYSERFS whose hobbies include “watching paint that’s already dry and racing the elderly” so maybe they don’t have the most interesting social life, but their music does not reflect that in the slightest. It’s Punk Indie, which is proper Psychedelic too. If Woodstock and Reading Fest ever decided to reproduce together (one can hope) these four would be the kiddies of the consummation, probably.

Friday has SEA MONSTER EYES take the main stage, they’ve defo been in the blender, genre wise I mean, cos they mix up Funk, Jazz and all means of other things. Debut Album “Garlic”… yes, garlic, is scheduled to be released this October and we’re expecting some more stuff for our genre blender. One thing is for sure, at least we know they’re not vampires!

WHISKY STAIN are the Saturday headlines, they recently released their new single “Denial” which has some epic heavy drums and guitar so you’ll be head banging until you break your neck…  well hopefully not, but you get the point. Their music can go from “bass driven dance influenced stompers” to “blues drenched guitar based thrillers” so, yeah, try and keep that head on your shoulders if you can.

Get ready for some energetic Indie pop cos Sunday’s closing act SILVER WILSON will be bringing that to the table dontcha know. The boys mix classic Indie and guitars with some Electro making it “danceable guitar Indie Pop” and that it is. Don’t worry about making a fool of yourself in the Market Square ‘cus we’ll all be doing it. Just close your eyes and feel the vibes.

Old Market Square
Thursday 22nd September – Sunday 25th September
Doors: 11:00am everyday
Price: FREE


A selection of Notts artists are hitting up Rough Trade all in the name charity – Crisis charity to be precise. Helping fight the fight against homelessness, they have an ace lineup of Notts musicians…

Straight talking Hucknall boys THE RUFFS are playing the event demonstrating their Rock n Roll Indie tunes, fronted by Connor Spray the group have a unique Indie sound. They are experts at moving from Classic Indie to Swaggerful anthems plus they know how to get you all riled up like wild animals too which is always fun, don’t know if I’d recommend bringing Granny Annie along with ya though.

The widely travelled NICK ASLAM is also playing; WARNING – Nick’s songs are so contagious you’ll be sneezing out his catchy Indie Folk lyrics for the next few weeks… you might have to explain to your boss in your morning meetings why you keep repeating “NIGHT TRAAAAAAIN” in your best Aslam nasal drawl.

Easy Listening Clifton duo SMITH & GROVES are giving us their Folk inspired tracks too, mellow sing along peaceful songs with a hint of harmonica, these guys will soothe your soul a tad. If that’s not enough to bring you down for a great cause then you are a cold hearted fiend my friend!

Rough Trade
Friday 23rd September,
Doors: 6pm
Price: £7 online booking


RAPHAEL BLAKE is heading to Rough Trade on Saturday for the launch of his Creative Agency ‘It’s More Than Poetry. And, of course, he’s bringing along some beautiful Notts music with him.

RB will of course take to the stage himself – Blake’s material is enigmatic and he’s recently been called “Nottingham’s spoken word prodigy” which is a pretty big shout from Clash. He’s master of wordplay and emotion, he brings intimacy and “he won’t be the poet you’re diluting today” so he’s also someone who shouldn’t be messed with, which we totally agree with.

Supporting Blake is TREKKAH, the well loved instrumentalist and vocalist who has such an eclectic mix of tunes. Mostly Electronic led, one minute he’s doing minimalistic Electronic pop, the next, Reggae feel good shizzle. He’ll be back at RT himself next month for his debut album launch, so get an early taster while you can!

DAISY GODFREY will be popping in to show off her incredibly soulful vocal talents, which she does so well. Daisy’s a bit of a spine tingler, a soulful gem and sultry dream all rolled into one joyous musical pancake. Her towering voice is captivating alongside her guitarist, who she’s recently celebrated writing music with for four years!

Plus, we hear there’s many more artists to be confirmed. Ace!

Rough Trade
Saturday 24th September,
Doors: 7pm
Price: free

Yours in Love of New Music,
Angelica Giugno x