We’re about to enter February now, so you can’t use that naff “it’s January” excuse anymore. Not that you’d want to, cos there’s plenty of lovely Notts music going off this week…


To celebrate national Time to Talk day, this Thursday sees a pop up village take over Trinity Square, courtesy of Time to Change Nottingham and Nottinghamshire. There’ll be loads of stuff going on, all to help encourage you to “stop and have a chat with them about tackling mental health stigma and discrimination”.

Musically, PAUL NOSE will be kicking this off with his super catchy Acoustic Pop. Paul’s music is pretty much designed to make you smile; it’s laced with uplifting messages, funny little jokes and tons of pop culture references. If you’re ever feeling a bit down, have a listen to his “Wear a Smile” tune, it’ll… well, have you wearing a smile. See what he did there?

DAN HEATHCOTE is up next with his beyond beautiful Acoustic tunes. Think Damien Rice and Jeff Buckley, and if somehow they ended up bringing their musical talents together and having a strong connection to Notts. That’s basically what Dan sounds like. Quite the comparison we know, but we’re looking forward to seeing him stun you as much as he’s stunned us.

Rounding 0ff the Notts music we have the incredibly diverse talent of JOANNE LOVATT. We’ve seen J’s live sets before, one second she’s doing acoustic ballad’s, the next Reggae-esque jams, and pretty much every other genre you could think of (okay, we don’t think she does Grime, but, you know, most genres). We’re sure she’ll round things off in suitable style.

Trinity Square
Thursday 4th February
Doors: Notts music starts at 1pm.
Tickets: Most events are free.


Light Night is back again on Friday, with events all across the city. If you’re unfamiliar, Light Night is an annual event aiming to brighten up a February Winter evening with loads of awesome light displays and a whole ton of music too.

REVENGE OF THE CALCULON will be performing at Rough Trade at 8pm. They’ll be releasing two “funkatronic coloured” 7” on the night, one called ‘Dirty Beast’ and the other ‘Meltdown.’ The wrestler-mask and tracksuit wearing duo will be bringing along their much loved “Ear Candy for the Noise Hungry” as well as putting on a huge retro LED light show, perfect to display their Electronic madness that sounds like it’s come straight outta a comic book.

Some of the other acts performing across the city include EX-FRIENDLY who will be DJing on the Market Square as part of City of Football’s events. There’ll be a ton of Young Musicians at St Peter’s Church from 6pm and you can also catch live music at City Arts, Sobar and other venues scattered across the city.

All Across the City
Friday 5th February
Doors: Events start from 4pm.
Tickets: Most events are free.


Saturday sees the launch of the new FAT DIGESTER album ‘Are You Ready?’ over at the Contemporary. 2016 marks the band’s 20th (yeah, 20th!) year together. The collective consists of seventeen members (which only seems to keep growing!) and has at least four different types of saxophonists (who knew there was so many different kinda sax?). FAT DIGESTER take influence from all genres, playing a mix of Funk and Soul laced with Hip Hop and often Rap. The collective give energetic performances that’ll get you up off your feet, if there’s room to move with all of those members that is.

The Contemporary
Saturday 6th February
Doors: 8pm
Tickets: Free.

Yours in Love of New Music,
Katie Beard x