Well, hello there again, you fine article reader, you. We’re well into the Summer of gigs now, and this week is no different. Plenty of exciting new artists that touch on all different kind of genres await your lugholes, get involved!


Notts in A Nutshell is back at The Maze this Tuesday and they’re bringing three fine Notts bands to their stage.

Kicking things off we have four Hucknall lads, Tommy, Will, Fraser and Stan – collectively known as THE COLLIDERS. NIAN are holding true to their rep for giving artists early gigs, as this is actually their first ever gig. A big moment. So, just like us – you’ll have to get down the front to see what these guys sound like wontcha?

Long Eaton lads DISTANT BLUE are up next with their grungy Rock, which almost touches on Metal at times. Oh – and this show is also their debut gig too. Having a look online, vocalist Patrick has a very unique (in a good way) vocal, that stretches from deep grungy groans to, some almost surprising falsetto. Pair that with some sick riffs from guitarist Ed, and you’ve got quite the setup.

Headlining are Newark Metallers PUBLIC GALLERY. Raucous one minute, then some very catchy choruses the next, these guys are the full package. And they’ve got that huge kinda energy that makes you wanna jump all over the place and start a mosh pit, but in a friendly, making sure you’re being respectful of everyone around you kinda way.

The Maze
Price: £3
Doors: 7.30pm


Live Now’ is taking over The Loom on Thursday and they’ve got three diverse and awesome artists with them.

THE YOUNG will be kicking things off with their energetic Indie-Pop-Rock stylings. One listen to ‘Little White Lies’ and you’ll be doing that thing we do where we kind of sing along but to a ridiculously catchy guitar riff. You know what I mean? Yeah? No? Okay, well, they have some very catchy songs and enough energy to power a… power station, so get involved, have a dance and ponder – “at what point do they stop using that name?”.

#FSN2016 finalists SUPER FURNITURE are also on the lineup. Now, as this is going live on the day of the final, we don’t want to be biased. So, if you want to know more about them, check out their Facebook page HERE.

PRETTY CITIZENS head things up, and yes, that’s the band name – not me commenting on someone’s looks, what kind of person do you think I am? The four gents that make up the band construct a concoction of Alt-Indie, which almost touches on Shoegaze at times. Which kind of means it’s the law to do a kind of spaced out headbang mid set. Right?

The Loom
Price: Free
Doors: 7pm


Phlexx are off to The Lofthouse for another of their ‘Phlexxibition’s’, where they take the beautiful worlds of art, music and more, and mash em all together.

DAISY GODFREY will be demonstrating her incredibly soulful vocal. You’ve definitely heard Daisy before; she’s one of Notts’ most dedicated buskers, and if you’ve ever walked up Long Row or Lister Gate, she’s the one behind that belter of a voice that pricked your ears up. Soul defined – we can’t wait to hear which new tunes she does have in store.

WHAT’S MAHMOOD will bring a bit of… well, diversity to the stage. WM can go between Jazz, Pop, Blues, Indie, Hip-Hop and loads more. I can’t even do one – why you gotta do so many Mahmood? Ay? Ay? Well, despite my raging jealously, you should probs have a listen to his Soundcloud to understand just how beautifully diverse his creations are.

BENJAMIN ZIEC (often known as TREKKAH) will also be performing some form of musical goodness at the event. We don’t know exactly what (it’s all a bit mysterious on the FB), but, with the debut TREKKAH album on the way, could we potentially hear some brand new tunes? Maybe.

The Lofthouse
Price: Free
Doors: 7pm

Yours in Love of New Music,
Sam Nahirny x

PS – Mr BUGG is doing two homecoming shows this week. One at Rough Trade, and one at Sherwood Pines. The former has sold out, the latter is £40 per ticket. We’re sure both will be awesome, vibey gigs.