More incredible gigs for the Nottingham music scene this week, with two festivals and an EP launch; ain’t Notts great?


FLAMING FIELDS are launching their new EP this week, and to celebrate they’re throwing a massive party down at The Maze on Thursday, and just by coming down you can pick yourself a free copy of the EP up. Not bad ay?

If you’re not familiar with FLAMING FIELDS, here’s the lowdown – they make some of THE best melodic Rock we’ve ever heard. Seriously, melodic Rock is a really competitive genre, but these guys manage to stand out – vocalist Jake has a distinct tone to his voice which is delicate but also very powerful. When paired with the awesome instrumentation they have as a band, they’re pretty much radio ready; so we look forward to seeing what new material this EP graces us with.

Supporting we’ll have those interestingly named fellas in BAYBO SQUAYBO. WIth material absolutely full of awesome riffs, chilled out vocals, and fair few catchy melodies too, these guys are definitely onto something big, we look forward to their first release! Empty Pockets from Lincoln, and Brains for Breakfast from Walsall will also be supporting.

Doors: 7PM
Price: £1


Deerstock festival kicks off this Friday, and brings a whole weekends worth of top local acts together to Newton Cross Country Course, all in the name of charity.


Kicking us off we’ll have the sweet Acoustic sounds of DANIEL SCOTT, the unique ukulele led duo that is UP, and some good ol’ fashioned Indie Rock from the energetic lads in CADETS. LEO AND THE SERAPHIM will bring some soulful melodic Alternative anthems and STUCK IN 2ND will be rounding the Notts side of things off with some Surf-Reggae sounds that are bound to have you skanking all over the place. Just remember, you’re at a cross country course, not a beach, okay?


BLACK LODGE will be kicking the Notts side of things off with a bit of Acoustic beauty, but get this – with added bongos! STEVE MCGILL will bring some of his renowned Singer-Songwriter vibes, 94 GUNSHIPS will bring some gritty in your face Blues, while LOIS will be bringing some retro Rock & Roll beauties to the stage. THESE SKIES will have you singing at the top of your lungs to their melodic, anthemic Rock anthems, THE SWIINES will get you going a bit crazy to their swaggerful Indie tunes and the DOGGEN ALL STAR BAND will be bringing together quite a few different musicians, so you’ll just have to wait and see what they’ve got in store for you!


THE STAR BOTHERERS will bring a bit of twangy guitar Rock to the proceedings, BRAD DEAR will bring a touch of Folk-infused Punk to the stage and the interestingly named SHANK’S PONY will give us a bit of big-band Indie-Folk. LEE GOUGH will deliver some of his soulful acoustic tunes, APRIL TOWERS will have you dancing all over the place with their huge Electro-Pop anthems and BLUE VULTURE will have plenty of catchy Indie-Rock numbers to play you off their new EP “Amateur Tape Recording”. LITTLE GIANTS will have you stomping like crazy with their Southern style Rock, LUXURY STRANGER will bring us a bit of their unique take on Post-Punk and THE GORGEOUS CHANS will have you feeling the Summer vibes with their uplifting big-band sounds. Headlining we have the HUGE Celtic style Folk Rock sounds of FEROCIOUS DOG, who, fresh from selling out their headline Rescue Rooms show just a few months back, are sure to put on an awesome performance!

Doors: Varies by day.
Price: £40


I’m Not From London know that you didn’t want to be stuck in a muddy field for an entire weekend, so they’ve gone and made Not The Glastonbury Festival, where you can find loads of ace Notts acts at Barton House over the course of Friday and Saturday.


SPACESHIPS ARE COOL will be kicking us off with their interestingly named genre of Sci-Fi Sunshine Pop. After giving them a listen, you kind of understand what the genre means. Spacey, uplifting, but chilled at the same time. They’re quite something to behold. BIG RHINO on the other hand bring in your face catchy Pop-Rock that is bloody impossible to not shout along at the top of your lungs too. Who knew the line “let’s go, down to Tesco” could be so bloody catchy? THE BREAKFAST CLUB will be rounding the Friday off with their Honest-Pop. You may wonder what means, well – most pop songs tend to be quite sweet and not particularly honest; these guys manage to make incredible catchy Pop tunes, but also discuss subject matters such as throwing up in a toilet… you have to hear them to understand!


WE SHOW UP ON RADAR will be kicking the Saturday off for us with their experimental Pop sounds. It’s quite a surreal experience listening to WSUOR, but an incredibly enjoyable one, seeing their live performance really is something. CECILLE GREY bring another unique take on Pop, this time with plenty of influences from genres such as Folk, Indie and Classical. Other reviewers have pointed out their music is the perfect soundtrack to films, and I completely agree – delicate, beautiful melodies, that are bound to make your Saturday afternoon that bit more enjoyable. Those familiar fellas in 94 GUNSHIPS will bring their jangly gruff Blues to the stage, and this has got me thinking – how do you dance to Blues? Most genres have an associated dance, but I don’t think Blues does… am I being stupid? Anyways, they make really good Blues, full of catchy riffs and some pretty slick melodies too. Rounding the night and the festival off, we’ll have one of the politest men in the music industy, Mr JOSH WHEATLEY, who will be bringing his soft Folk sounds to the stage. Having just smashed it at the FSN final at Rock City a few weeks ago, this guy’s on a high, and his soft, sweet melodies are bound to get stuck in your head and not leave for weeks!

Doors: Varies by day
Price: £10

Yours in Love of New Music,
Sam Nahirny x