MOLLY & JACK. Photo Credit: Unknown

This week sees three ace gigs, all for the grand old price of… free. YES, FREE. Woo, dontcha love free music? And not the dirty, nicked off Limewire kind. Just nice, good for the soul, free music. Ahh.


Those lovely lot at Acoustic Rooms know how to throw a party. That’s a fact. It’s summer, that’s also a fact. So, this Monday, Acoustic Rooms are throwing a Summer party. See what they did there?

The killer lineup starts with #lad JONNY OLLEY. This gent knows his way around a guitar, and a catchy melody too. Most singer-songwriters are story tellers, but not many are quite as honest as Jonny. Have a listen to his Future Session HERE to see what we mean. He debuted some ace new tracks at Splendour a few weeks back, so we’re looking forward to seeing what else he’s been cracking on with music wise.

Potentially the loveliest duo in music ever – MOLLY & JACK will be taking to the stage on Monday too. Champs of super-sweet Folky goodness, these two write some of the catchiest tunes that we’ve ever heard. And the harmonies man, don’t get us started – cos we won’t shut up. Basically, they’re very very good. You should go and see them…

THE EDI JOHNSTON BIT will be bringing all the heart-warming humour you could ever ask for this Monday. If you’re unfamiliar with Edi, he’s just a very nice human (there’s a bit of a theme developing here), who translates that niceness into his songs. Put it this way, one of his most popular tunes is about putting the kettle on, and… it’s just so right.

JAMIE MOON will take to the stage with his… well, rather LOVELY Folky goodness on Monday too. Jamie released his latest EP ‘Oh, My Heart’ earlier in the year, and it’s full of tunes that, funnily enough, make ya go “oh, my heart”, in that teenager swooning over their pop idol kinda way. Hopefully you understood what I meant by that, if you didn’t, basically his tunes are very heartwarming.

OH, and there’s a super top secret special guest performing too. We can’t tell ya much. We can tell ya they are Notts though. It’s a goodun… you’ll just have to pop along to find out won’t cha?

Rescue Rooms
Monday 22nd August
Doors: 8pm
Price: Free


The brilliantly named Nightfish returns to Southbank City yet again this week, this time bringing SUPER FURNITURE and ONE GIANT CAUSEWAY along for the ride.

A lot of people have a lot of love for SUPER FURNITURE. Champs of #FSN2016, this Alt-Rock four piece are one of those bands that are bloody difficult to describe. They’re a bit Indie, they’re a bit Math-Rock-y, and there’s also a sprinkling of Pop in there too. And – if you didn’t catch them at FSN (tut tut) you’ll be glad to know they put on one hell of a live show.

ONE GIANT CAUSEWAY are masters of a good riff. Have a listen to latest single ‘Last Night’, to hear what we mean. They’ve been putting the work in in the studio, having just released an EP earlier in the year, they’re now on track to release ANOTHER, later on this year. If the new one is full of songs as catchy as what we’ve heard thus far, we’re sure it’ll be whatever the guitar equivalent for a banger is.

Southbank, City
Thursday 25th August
Doors: 830pm
Price: Free


SUNSET NEBULA and AUTUMN DIET PLANS are taking over Nottingham Contemporary this Sat for an evening of spacey brilliance.

SN describe themselves as “groovacious space Rock”, and ya know what – that description does a pretty good job of summing em up. Completely instrumental, they’re the kind of band that completely puts to shame those people that think ya need vocals to make incredible music. From sick guitar riffs, to delicate melodies, SN have a freakin’ awesome sound wrapped up in one incredibly tight package. They got it goin’ onnnnn.

ADP have been making quite the name for themselves since they landed a few months ago from outer space. Having just come off a European tour, they’re right back at it in their home town, delivering riff-heavy space Grunge madness. Beautiful madness, that is. Chances are, one of them will probs end up in the crowd, one will probs end up on the floor, and one will probs end up jumping on a spaceship. But, ya know, that’s what ya expect from a regular Saturday night… init?

A Sudden Burst of Colour from Scotland are also playing.

Nottingham Contemporary
Saturday 27th August
Doors: 8pm
Price: Free

Yours in Love of New Music,
Sam Nahirny x