Another week has passed, and there’s some wicked gigs coming up over the next seven days on the Nottingham music scene.


Notts In A Nutshell have gone and got a cracking lineup of ace local talent this Monday over at The Maze, to start your week off in the best way.

ISAAC BLOOMFIELD kicks things off with his wicked fusion of Indie, Folk, Country and Brit-Pop. Yeah, we didn’t think those genres together would work either, but believe us, they bloody do. And when mixes with Isaac’s knack for a catchy melody, and some wise words in the form of his songwriting, he’s quite the pleasure to see live.

PROPER ENGLISH GENTLEMEN will be taking the stage yet, and yes, to clarify, that’s the band name, we’re not just interested in their etiquette! Now these boys have some proper jangly dancy, other words ending in y tunes. They call themselves Indie, but, these guys are more than just Indie, cos I’ve been singing their tunes for a good few days now. Get ready to go a ‘lil crazy!

SAME STREETS round off the night with their energetic Rock & Roll stylings. They were one of your favourites on this year’s People’s Podcast, and we can see why – swagger, well crafted songs, and stage presence a plenty. They’ve been working on plenty of new songs in the studio, and quite frankly, we cannot wait to hear them.

Price: £3
Doors: 7.30pm


Come Friday, you’ll all have been paid, so you’ve got no excuse to not find yourself at The Maze, as they’ve got a proper good lineup of, and we quote “apocalyptic Rock & Roll.”

The lineup eases you in nicely though. ALTA PUEBLO kick things off with their chilled out sounds. Their mixture of beautifully crafted songs and stunning lyrics, this lot will have you hanging on their every word. As a band influenced by European cafe culture, they’ve got quite a few stories that are unlike anything we’ve ever heard, and we highly suggest checking ‘em out.

Picking up the pace a bit, we have the youthful sounds of FALL OF THE BASTILLE, whom, apart from having a brilliant name, play progressive Alt-Rock that is bound to leave a smile on your face? Why a smile? Cos despite their young age, they’ve already got a stellar sound that many bands spend years finding. Seriously, if you listened to them with your eyes closed, you’d think they’d been doing this for near a decade!

THEE DEADTIME PHILHARMONIC are up next, and they bring one of the most interesting, expermiental sounds to the stage that we’ve heard in ages. Seriously, check out their music vid for Protected () and you’ll see what we mean. A mixture of Alt-Rock, with unique use of samples and bits of technical wizardry make for an awesome listening experience and we cannot wait to see it live!

Finally, the night ends with ULYSSES STORM, who describe their music as “Bombastic off-kilter blues dance rock”. And yes, its just as brilliantly mental as it sounds. Their music will hit parts of you that you didn’t know existed, and we guarantee it’ll get you up shaking what your mama gave ya. And we all want to see that don’t we?

Price: £5


To celebrate the success of her This Love EP, NINA SMITH is throwing a bit of a celebration down at Rough Trade on Saturday. But this isn’t just any old celebration, oh no!

First up, this will be the premiere of Nina’s latest video, Stronger, which’ll be broadcast over RT’s fancy big-ass projector, so we’ll be in for a right visual treat. But, of course, we’re all about the music, and Nina certainly delivers, as she’ll be giving an acoustic performance on the night as well. Yup, she may have got Top 5 on the iTunes RnB chart, but she’s still got time for Nott’m. If somehow you’re not familiar with Nina, you can expect some pure soulful RnB Pop – ridiculously catchy melodies brought to life by an incredibly silky voice.

Price: Free
Doors: 7pm

Yours in Love of New Music,
Sam Nahirny x