We’ve got some cracking gigs lined up for you this week. We realise you all blew your gig budget on Jake last week; so we thought we’d be a bit kinder on your pockets this time.

Below you’ll find three great gigs that don’t cost a penny; and they all have incredible lineups. Get on down, cause you’ve got no excuse.


This Wednesday at Pepper Rocks, Mid Riff presents five incredibly talented solo artists at an earlier start time of 6PM, so you can pop by on your way home from the day job. FIRENZA will astound the crowd with her fiery persona; an incredible live performer, it’s just a matter of time before she blows up. The sublime Soul of MATT HENSHAW will help keep the drinks flowing, thanks to his incredibly uplifting sound and beautiful songwriting.

After opening Splendour festival last year, SAM JONES will join the lineup with a charming and passionate performance which no doubt will leave the audience feeling cheerful and dazzled. Ikassa will also be making an appearance.

As if that wasnt enough new Notts talent, Mid Riff will finish with a bang thanks to RORY CANNON, probably the newest of the bunch but still an exciting artist who will be sure to have you leaving in good spirits.

Doors: 6PM
Price: Free


As if there is not already enough on offer in one week for the price of £0.00, on Thursday night at The Bodega, Under The Tree will bring you four solo artists to satisfy your need for new Nottingham acoustic talent.

First up is TOM MCCARTNEY. Armed with a guitar and a superb sound, Tom will be sure to wow the crowd with his incredible talent and enviable youth and make The Bodega the place to be on Thursday evening.

Following the first of four brilliantly talented vocalists is JOSH KEMP. He’s already released an incredible EP and looks to be a definite rising star for the Nottingham music scene. His lyrics will make the whole crowd smile and he’s known for putting on an phenomenal live show.

Next up is JAMIE MOON, with a deep and soulful acoustic set. His soft guitar playing and vocals could relieve any stresses of the week so the audience will most certainly be relaxed and fully enjoying this evening of acoustic goodness!

Last on the UTT lineup is the only girl of the event, HEATHER FLINT. With a beautiful voice and a delightfully gentle sound, Heather is a home grown talent that you won’t want to miss.

Doors: 7PM
Price: Free


It’s a special day at BrewDog this Sunday, as it’s their second birthday! So why not party on down and enjoy an evening of live music from Flip The Lid including four incredibly talented and unique artists and groups.

To kick start the birthday bash we’ve got the quirky songstress ANWYN WILLIAMS. She’s bringing herself, her guitar and her memorable vocals to start the night as it means to go on. We’ve just featured her beautiful song “Driftwood” on our New Music Podacast, so make sure to check it out!

Following her, another female solo artist, MARITA METELIA of MARITA & THE PEACHES fame, she’s bound to bring bags of soul and passion to the stage which is sure to bop a head or two.

Two bands follow, the first, THE FADE, a four piece rock band with a dashing of blues are sure to pump up the crowd to really get them feeling the birthday vibes at BrewDog. The second are called CHESHIRE AND THE CAT, providing an entirely different vibe to the latter, but not any less exceptional.

The night will be a mix of Soul, Jazz, Rock, Acoustic and more, why refuse a night with such variety especially when it’s absolutely free! You know what they say, you only turn two once! Definitely not one to miss this Sunday, this is the perfect way to end the week with a bang.

Doors: 7PM

Price: Free

Yours in love of New Music,
Rose Mason x
Edited by Sam Nahirny

P.S FIRENZA, SAM JONES, THE FADE, CHESHIRE & THE CAT and JOSH KEMP have all done Future Sessions with us! Why not check them out and while you’re there, subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don’t miss any further ones!