Man, aren’t these weeks just flying by? We have yet another awesome week for the Nottingham music scene, this time we have another headline Bodega show, a Hip-Hop charity fundraiser and a headline show from one of Notts’ finest Folk artists.


JOSH WHEATLEY and his band will be headlining The Bodega this Friday, with an ace support lineup and an awesome party going off afterwards too.

Probably known as the biggest “hug-whore” in Nottingham, JOSH WHEATLEY is a very hard-working musician. His sweet Folk sounds (plus a fair few hugs) found him a place in the FSN final this year, and with the addition of his newly formed band, we saw an entirely new side to his sound. With huge singalongs and catchy melodies a plenty, we guarantee you’ll be leaving the venue singing (or shouting) “follow the schmooke, follow the smoke.” Although, we advise for the purpose of your own health that you don’t follow the smoke. That’s a bad idea.

There’s a killer support lineup too. Kicking everything off we’ll have the soft chilled out sounds of TOM ASH. It’s a bit of a cheesy line, but Tom has such a lovely tone to his voice, that it really does warm you up inside. An incredible songwriter too, Tom will hook you in with his stories, and if that’s not enough for ya, chances are you’ll be singing along to a few of his “woah-oh”s too.

FRANKIE RUDOLF will follow with some more Folky goodness. An FSN finalist back in 2013, Frankie wowed an entire Rock City crowd back then, and we’re pretty sure he’ll do exactly the same here. With inspiring stories and sweet little melodies, we’re sure he’ll have the crowd in the palm of his hand!

FIELD STUDIES are last to support before Josh comes to the stage, and we reckon they’ve been put here on purpose. You see, FIELD STUDIES pretty much always stun their crowds into silence, so we reckon Josh put them here so that he’d have a silent crowd to come out to… cheeky Josh! Anyways, if you’re unfamiliar with FIELD STUDIES, they’re quite hard to define, but the genre they probably best fit is Post-Rock; but, in a genre that can all sound a bit too similar, vocalist Chris’ voice sets them apart. Delicate, but powerful enough to leave you in awe. Prepare to be stunned.

Pssst, it’s also the Summer Musician’s Soiree downstairs, which is basically a massive party for everyone involved in the Nottingham music scene; so make sure to pop down for a bit after the gig and have a little party with us all!

Doors: 7PM
Price: £5


Writer’s Bloc are back at The Maze this Friday, with loads of great Hip-Hop acts coming together to raise money and awareness for the injustice going off in Gaza.

GARTON will kick things off with his fierce grime stylings. You might’ve seen him on his SBTV exclusive, but if not, here’s the lowdown. He brings a bit of old-fashioned Hip-Hop wordplay, you know, lines that make you think and laugh at the same time – but mixes it with his fierce Grime style delivery.

ELJAY and KRIPTIK will then be taking to the stage. The duo deliver an intense double-take wordplay that sees them bounce off each other unlike anything we’ve seen round Notts. With hints of Reggae, Grime and Hip-Hop all rolled into one, their fusion of sounds is bound to draw you in. KRIPTIK’s latest release “Follow Dem” just dropped, and ELJAY’s EP drops in the next few weeks, so they’ve got plenty of new material to show ya.

CAN-B & K-DEUCE are up next. At the top of NG64’s roster, you’ve probably seen or heard these guys around Notts at some point. Bringing good old fashioned Hip-Hop vibes everything about these guys screams professional, and we’re sure their lyrics will provoke a thought or two.

Rounding off the night we have 1ST BLOOD, one of the longest serving Hip-Hop crews in Hoodtown. Their latest release “Live Like Legends” is an absolute banger, and fetures some HUGE tracks including some of the finest talent in Notts; well they’ll be playing plenty of tunes off that, as well as some exclusives from their forthcoming projects. You do not want to miss this!

Doors: 10PM
Price: £3


GALLERY 47 will be playing Nottingham Contemporary this Saturday, and it’s looking to be quite a special show.

It’s kind of mutually agreed in the Notts music scene that GALLERY 47 really is something special. His delicate, soft Folk leaves people absolutely stunned the second that they hear it. His debut album “Fate Is The Law” came out a few years back to critical acclaim, and now he’s ready to release his second album “All Will Be Well”, which is due out next month. If you’ve got a bit of a gob on ya, we suggest staying away from this gig, as we’re pretty sure the room will be left in silence for the entirety of the set. Hold back the man tears bro, hold ‘em back.

HEARTS will be opening the night with their 3-piece Pop-Folk goodness. And it’s quite a special gig for them. Not just because they’re supporting an incredible talent, but cos this will be their last gig as their original lineup. So make sure you get yersen down to hear their beautiful harmonies and melodies as they were intended to be heard!

JAMIE MOON will also be supporting with his soothing Folk sounds. Sounding like a modern day concoction of many of his influences (such as Elliot Smith, Ben Howard, Bob Dylan), whilst still sounding incredibly unique; Jamie’s fast but delicate guitar playing and soft vocals will set the tone just right for GALLERY 47.

Doors: 8PM
Price: Free

Yours in Love of New Music,
Sam Nahirny x