This week stick around that NTU part of town, ‘cause Rock City, Rescue Rooms and Spanky Van Dyke’s are providing the Holy Trinity of Nottingham gigs. Some incredible Nottingham acts will be hitting those musical sweet spots like pigeons to windows. First up there’s a Nottingham artist HEADLINING RC main stage, a Prisma take over EP launch, and following that, a pretty special album launch.


Yep, you read correctly: INDIANA will be HEADLINING Rock City as the last stop on her UK tour! To come back home and headline the main stage of Nottingham’s biggest and beloved gig venue is an incredibly moving achievement that every Notts act dreams of, and our very own Indi is now going to do it. She’ll be playing a load of tunes from her debut album “No Romeo“, which is a haunting, captivating assortment of touching ballads intertwined with catchy Pop songs that give you the chance to shake what your mama gave you (I did hear that you could also awkwardly shuffle what your dad gave you, but it’s statistically not as effective). She’ll obviously be playing the sultry, catchy electro-pop single that hurled her into the Top 20 last year, ‘Solo Dancing’. Expect a very special night…

Rock City
29th May
Doors: 18:30
Tickets: £12:50 ADV


THE MITHERED will be launching their EP ‘Counsil’ this Friday, with a little help from the guys at Prisma Clothing. This traditional Indie Rock four-piece offer unforgettable muted guitar riffs and Pop sensibility, with clear mid-90s Indie influences such as Oasis and The Libertines; Infectious choruses and catchy hooks galore! This will be their biggest headline show yet, and we hear tickets are running out fast, so get it before you regret it, yo.

First support will be feel-good foursome THREE GIRL RHUMBA, who are a band known for their high energy performances and catchy Indie-inclined songs. They also really like lemons. So have that. ‘Hucknallians’ CONNOR SPRAY & THE INDIABEES will be up next, who are a four-piece band taking a little break from recording their EP this month to give you some auditory delectableness in the form of good ol’ Rock ‘n’ Roll. Third support for the night is THE TANGENTS, who provide ‘mad Indie to go mad to’, and I can see what they mean: fast paced verses; catchy choruses; riffs smoother than your naked chin. It’s a recipe for dancing disguised as disastrous arm flailing.

Spanky Van Dykes
29th May
Doors: 18:30
Tickets: £5


Lastly, it’s the LACEY album launch show. These guys are a brilliantly accomplished unsigned Pop Rock quartet, and listening to them makes it hard to believe they’re yet to belong to a record label. With attention coming from the likes of Kerrang and Scuzz, LACEY have made a name for themselves outside of label management; getting crowd funding for their album ‘Under the Brightest Lights’ directly from their fans. This gig is a special unveiling of said album, which has already been reviewed by Drew Heatley (Gigwise) who adds bubbles to the broth of excitement for what’s to come:

The album bursts into life with lead single ‘Tonight’ – it feels like a coming of age. It’s an anthem in every sense of the word; the boys show they’re here to stay as they sing: “We said we won’t wait any longer”.’

Expect to hear the album performed from start to finish, for one time only. It’d be a crime to miss.

Supporting first will be CUT THE HEROICS, who epitomise everything you miss about good old fashion Pop Punk. They’re a 90s style PP trio who possess fast paced rhythmic guitars and punchy chords with honest, no BS lyrics. Think of a modern day Jimmy Eat World and Blink 182. SAM JONES will follow; Mansfield’s answer to raw, Bluesy sounds not dissimilar to Frank Turner. With inspiration coming from the likes of Johnny Cash, you can expect to hear honest lyrics; deep, haunting guitar work; and unrestraint passion. The final support of the evening will be NO DISCO, who are an edgy Indie Rock trio signed to Sound Hub Records. Their refined formula of striking sing-along choruses; tight guitar riffs, hearty drumming and energetic stage presence creates an experience you’ll not quickly forget.

Rescue Rooms
30TH May
Doors: 18:00
Tickets: £7

Yours in Love of New Music,
Emily Rose Malone x

P.S THE CHASE are launching their debut EP at One BC on Saturday! It’s going to be (quote) ‘a night of cool jackets and rock and roll bangers’, but due to their place in the FSN final, we didn’t want to show any favouritism (hence why it’s a P.S!)