SCORZAYZEE. Photo Credit: Daniel Whiston

The mad weather is now upon us and apparently Pumpkin Spice season is too; if like us you couldn’t give two hoots about creamy nutmeg and cinnamony coffee drinks and just want to hear some right good Notts tunes then you are in luck.

Nottingham is serving us a proper wicked week again, minus the whipped cream (unless you’re into that sorta thing of course) – An Indie/Rock‘n’Roll night at The Maze, a travelling tent gig and a party to celebrate wraps, yep wraps, with a tonne of good music on the menu.


Friday night sees This Feeling’s first ever Notts night, at The Maze.

Four piece SAME STREETS will bring their funky Rock n Roll. The band are pretty awesome live and there’s like 100 reasons why – the mega heavy guitar riffs of Jacob Harris (guitarist, funnily enough), the intense drum hammering of Seb McNish and OBVIOUSLY the catchy melodies serenaded to us by vocalist James Gooch – whose raspy voice has deffo put me under some creepy spell where I’m singing/screaming every damn line and I’m 100% down with his witchcraft all over again. Please James, Please.

Rowdy Hucknall favourites THE RUFFS will be at The Maze too, frontman Connor Spray has managed to pull himself away from Bake Off (he’s not the biggest fan…) and give us more of the massive Indie Rock’n’Roll vibes we know and go wild for from them. Some of their new songs have been sounding HUGE, and we’re sure in a packed out Maze, they’ll sound even better!

Tom, Kieran and Angus otherwise known as THE TANGENTS are making an appearance too with their super catchy Indie stylings, recent tune ‘Forever More’ is about leaving a crappy relationship where the boys say they’re “sick of rainy days” so fingers crossed it’s not raining on the night or these boys won’t be happy bunnies.

The Maze
Friday 30th September
Doors: 8pm
Price: £4 advance online booking, £5 on the door


Lyrical master SCORZAYZEE and his team the GM UNIT are heading to Rough Trade this Saturday for the Gangsta Wraps Launch Party. So that’s a new record to buy, food to indulge in, plus a live performance of course.

Scorz promises to “take down the Clown, Colonel and King” and by down we assume he means down for a boogie… If they are all gonna be there on the night it’s gonna make for some riiiight good entertainment. PS – they’re all food references if ya hadn’t gathered.

Scorz will probably have you doubting your fast food choices, but he says “If you see me bussin shots at McDonald’s, Gangsta Wraps made me do it” which basically means you can blame all your life choices on fast food. Sorted. Scorz is a Notts legend for a reason, so we have no doubt his and GM UNIT’s performance will be out of this world.

Oh, and you can get buy the new 12’ vinyl on the night too. So get yer dirty mitts on it while ya can!

Rough Trade
Saturday 1st October
Doors: 7pm
Price: FREE


I’m Not From London are hosting the Spiegel Tent with a “prohibition launch party” which is pretty massive cos this travelling tent has been all round the globe including New York and Sydney and now to the even more famous Notts.

Kicking off the night are FAT DIGESTER, a blend of Jazz, Funk, and Hip Hop that is gonna get you proper shaking your booty! They’re a proper eclectic bunch that according to Craig Charles are “incredibly tight” – from the trumpeter to the fast paced MC’ing to their traditional jazzy vocals and multiple Sax’s, the band have something for everyone with their funky feel good viiibes.

Playing next is BENDIGO BAND, who have a proper cutting-edge electric sound, full of all sorts of breaks and bleeps kinda like a mix of a police sirens and car breaks and everything else you’ve ever heard mashed in together – but it sounds good, obvs. Mixing exotic influences with massive bass line drops and vocals with all sorts of tech effects, you’ll be busting your robot all over the place.

Finishing off the event with mega high voltage energy is UNKNOWN ERA. Hip-hop mc-ing, Ska and Gypsy influenced, there’s not a genre they don’t tap into and as LeftLion rightfully said their ‘Hip hop, Reggae, Gypsy sound-combo has the audience dancing and jumping instantaneously’, so get ready to break an absolute sweat, and hopefully not bones, to their sweet tunes.

Spiegiel Tent, Old Market Square
Saturday 1st October
Doors: 7pm
Price: £8 advance / £10 on the door.

Yours in Love of New Music,
Angelica Giugno x