This week we’ve got three more cracking events to get your butts down to – including an Alternative Rock album showcase, one of those lovely little Maze gigs, and a UK Reggae special.


This Monday SATURN ASCEND are having their album showcase at The Chameleon Arts Café. With this four-piece Alt/Prog Rock band’s music in your ears, and the venue’s intimate setting complete with newly refurbished toilets (they needed it, trust me), it’s going to be a glorious evening. These guys are releasing their debut album ‘Reasons to Forget’ on the day, so the night will be a showcase of a live performance of the album in its entirety.

Supporting will be:

NUWALA , who are a three-piece Acoustic Pop Rock band that took their name from the Phillipino word for ‘I’ve lost it’. Formerly named ‘Lost For Words’, they decided to stick with that theme of being bit ‘lost’, and it’s fitting, too; these guys produce delicately crafted musical mazes to absolutely lose yourself in. Check out their song “Paralysis”, which is on their Soundcloud, and you’ll see what we mean.

VERASKA are an Acoustic/Pop foursome formed in 2014 with influences of Tim McGraw, Maroon 5, John Mayer and The Script. Quite a combination, there! With two brilliant front women, two swanky guitarists and vocals going on ALL ROUND, these guys produce music that is heartfelt, feel good and beautifully delivered.

The Chameleon
Entry: £5
Doors: 730PM


THE YOUNG, FLEETS, ISAAC BLOOMFIELD and SAME STREETS are at The Maze this Monday, too. If the above didn’t tickle yer pickle.

THE YOUNG will be the penultimate act for the night, performing a few lovely songs for us. Now, the name may have given it away (we see what they did there), but these guys are pretty young to be so good at music, because despite their youth, they make some pretty incredible Pop-Rock. They’ve just recorded their latest EP at Random Recordings with Guy Elderfield, and it’s set to be a bloody treat. We wonder what’ll happen in a few years’ time when they’re not young anymore, I mean, The Old sounds pretty cool, but it’s just not quite the same…

FLEETS are up before that, with their Alternative Garage Punk and psychedelic aesthetic. These guys play a variety of Indie, Punk, Funk and good ol’ Garage music, and it works so damn well. Check out their song ‘Babylon’, which perfectly shows their bass and guitar-driven melodies with relaxed vocal, reminiscent of something Smashing Pumpkins or Nirvana would produce. This four-piece made quite a name for themselves with some great live performances in 2014, so make sure you catch ‘em at this event as 2015 is looking pretty sweet for them!

Acoustic solo act from Long Eton and former front man of THE RECKLES THIEVES, ISAAC BLOOMFIELD will be kicking off the evening with songs influenced by the likes of Noel Gallagher, Alex Turner and Jimi Hendrix. He’s nineteen, loves football, cycling, and like any other nineteen year old boy; Bargain Hunt. Isaac’ Indie, Folk, Country and Britpop style music will be a sheer blessing to yer Nottingham ears, so don’t miss him!

SAME STREETS, will be playing their suave Rock ’n’ Roll songs to get you dancing. Expect soaring vocals with up-tempo songs played with an insane amount of energy. Influences include The Beatles, The Clash, and The Rolling Stones. And yes, if you’re into of any of these musical legends, you’re gonna absolutely love ‘em.

The Maze
Entry: £3
Doors: 730PM


This Saturday, RAM1 & THE ITES will be at Nottingham Contemporary Café Bar, to gift your tired weekday-working soul with some free Reggae goodness. Covering 2 generations of Nottingham’s musical history, these guys combine a MOBO Award nominated singer with a band of true veterans of the UK Reggae Scene.

With two albums under his belt, performer RAM1 has said he aims to “learn from love, walk in Love and share Love with all who will give ear to listen and take heed through my music”. That’s a lot of love, guys. THE ITES will be sharing this love, and have worked together under many guises over the past 30 years. There’s a whopping seven of ‘em, and with their combined understanding of the intricate workings and soulful deliverance of Reggae music, they’re truly an amazing experience to behold when they work together.

Nottingham Contemporary
Entry: Free
Doors: 8PM

Yours in Love of New Music,
Emily Rose Malone x