Another seven days have passed and we have yet another killer week for the Notts music scene. We’ve got plenty of chilled out loveliness to help that payday hangover, and also a bit of party action on Friday to get next weekend started in style!


Wire & Wool are back at Alley Cafe this Thursday, and they’ve brought a whole heap of local talent with them!

Kicking things off on the musical side of things, we have the band that are so eclectic, they list themselves as nine different genres on Facebook. JOYRIDE & DEATHRAY make Electronic music that hooks you into a new world, and doesn’t let you leave until you’ve had a proper good walk around. They’re really hard to explain via the medium of words, so you’ll just have to go and check ‘em out for yourself!

I AM ALBATROSS are up next bringing with them some beautiful four-piece Folk loveliness. With stunning harmonies, some great instrumentation, and some proper heartfelt lyrics, these guys define what music is all about. And how cool of a name is that? Serious name-envy right now!

Rounding things off we have five-piece Indie-Rockers CADETS. Guitar heavy enough to make you wanna mosh, but also catchy and Poppy enough that you just wanna shout along at the top of your lungs. They’ve made quite a name for themselves on the live circuit over the past year or so for their energetic live show, so make sure you’ve downed a few Red Bulls before you hit up AC!

Price: Free
Doors: 8pm


Also on Thursday, we have a bit of Acoustic loveliness down at The Golden Fleece!

CLAIRE JORDAN starts proceedings with some sweet chilled-out Folk vibes. Claire has an absolutely beautiful tone to her voice. The kind that could easily lull you into the best sleep ever, but it’s so stunning, you just want to stay wide awake and appreciate it’s beauty. With an ability to tell stories that draw you in from the very start, Claire will set the tone just right for the rest of the night.

Next up we have JAKE BURNS, a gent influenced by some of the Folk greats such as Bob Dylan and Simon & Garfunkel. Now, if you go and give some of his demo’s on Soundcloud a listen, I’m sure you’ll agree with us, he wouldn’t sound out of place on a compilation alongside some of his idols. And for someone at the start of their career, that’s a pretty big feat!

Finally, we have one of the finest singer-songwriters we’ve ever heard. ADAM PETER SMITH graces the stage last with some absolutely stunning songs. Stunning is a word that’s very overused in music journalism, but Adam’s music is the very definition of stunning. Powerful, moving,and able to draw at your deepest emotions, even if the topic of the song isn’t related to what you’re feeling. Just go down and listen will ya?

Price: Free
Doors: 9pm


To celebrate the start of the weekend, get yourself down to The Maze on Friday for a proper good mix of Reggae/Dub fusion!

SKA PETE THE UPLIFTER kicks things off with his unique blend of Ska and Reggae. Known for fronting the brilliantly named SKANK MACHINE BREADCHASERS back in the day, Pete now gets everybody moving all by himself. Guaranteed to get you bopping around all over the place, we’re sure Pete will set the tone just right for the rest of the night!

If you want “Surf-Reggae good times”, then look no further than STUCK IN 2ND. They’ll be up next and they’ll be bringing plenty of smiles and unique dance moves to the floor. Some bands can make you feel like it’s the middle of Summer even though it’s pissing it down outside, and these guys do exactly that. We don’t know about you, but Surf-Reggae good times sound pretty good to us right about now!

Rounding things off on the Notts side of things we have another gent who is bound to keep the smiles on faces and the feet in the place a movin’. BLESSING MAGORE has some of THE catchiest songs we’ve ever heard. Blending Soul/Reggae/Afro-Funk and plenty more genres we probably can’t think of right now, Blessing’s sound is totally unique. And believe us, when he drops Love Revolution, you will lose control. Big time!

Price: £5
Doors: 8pm

Yours in Love of New Music,
Sam Nahirny x